Saturday, July 17, 2010

Getting Over You

I totally screwed up my paper yesterday T___________________T
45 minutes was a good decision set up by the lecturer because I've got nothing to write as well.

After the paper the friends decided to chillax. Went to town around 4pm. Had our lunch + dinner in Pizza Hut. Like usual la. The services in MP's Pizza sucks.

Headed to Dataran after that to get our movie tickets. Wanted to watch Inception but was fully booked. Left the front row seats only. Aih!!!!! Then no choice but to watch Predator -________________- and the movie seriously not my type of movie. After watching it for like 5minutes, I was hoping for it to end as soon as possible. However it took almost 2 hour for that freaking movie to end. Gosh!!! I'm having a hard time watching it inside the cinema lor. Waste my money and time T_________T

Oh before that there's a wedding planner or photo shooting thingy or something in Dataran. They displayed lots of beautiful wedding dresses ler T___________________________T
After looking at the dress. I felt like marrying to somebody at that very moment. Faster!!! Anyone wanna marry me? Please inform me now. Urgent!!!! Terms and conditions apply. hahahahaha

Our movie starts at 7.30pm and at the meantime we were trying to look for something to kill time and we found this archery thingy. My first time playing it. It's a very good and nice experience but still my hands ache because of it T__________T damn hopeless right me? Haiz I know.

I love this picture :D coz I looked slim in it hahahahahahahahhahahaha

We took the 24 arrows which cost us RM14 for the game. Seriously it's worth it. I am so gonna play those again.

Camwhoring before movie

Fikry curi makan Famous Amos in the cinema. LOL!! No outside food please... hahahaha. There was once, I saw someone eating McD burger in the cinema. wtf!! hahahahahaha I have no freaking idea how the hell they managed to sneak the burger into the cinema.

By the way. The movie sucks! Let me emphasize it again. It SUCKS!!!

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