Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When you think it's freedom, think again. It's NOT!

I had by far the worst paper ever (well not really the worst paper la but still worse lor) yesterday in the entire human race could ever face lor. I could not answer the compulsory question as I did not even read that case and worst of all is that I didn't know that Anglo American and Germanic law is actually referring to civil and common law. FML to the max until cannot max already! Seriously can die liao. Brains put at backside better :x

Putting that horrifying situation aside, i'm done with all my midterms for the sem wiippeee :D and when you think i am totally free, of course you are proven absolutely wrong :)

This is because I have 3 more effing assignments to be done :( and to make things worst I'll be having my finals in like 1 month time O____O

So right after paper, it was around 9pm+ and we haven't had our dinner. Nicole and Mark wanted to go down town just to have the tanduri chicken in Pak Putra. So the 4 (mirul, mark, nicole and I) of us headed down town. When we almost reached there, let's say around 500 meters away, suddenly Nicole shouted 'oh shit' in the car. Cuak giler je bikinnya. We thought she forgot to bring money or what la. Mana tau she remembered that Pak Putra is closed on Mondays. hahaha bagus betul!

No choice, drive to Dataran for McD but then the clever me saw something new on the road side.

Yes a Korean restaurant by the name of DAORAE

Without thinking about the price and stuff, we headed into the restaurant to find out that

1. It's expensive


2. It's non halal
as they served some porky dishes :P


We wanted to try their steamboat or bbq thingy and 1 dish cost at least RM40 and we have to order like 2 dishes minimum and the amount of food is for like 1 or 2 people only. According to the waiter la. My god!! Expensive can die. So we decided to order the individual set in the end -_____- which cost about 20bucks per bowl.

None of us ordered any dishes that contains pork (including Nicole and I) for the sake of our 2 beloved friends over there. hehehehe

I have no freaking idea why I looked like shit that night. 10235 pictures out of 10235 pictures of me taken that night turned out to be an epic failure o.O
Well maybe due to the fact that I've been in campus since 10am up to late night without having my evening shower and put on some make up :( so hence the ugly-ness
And why the face my face so shiny wan!!!! Oily mad kao kao.

Our Soju drink which tasted like oh my god can die!! According to Nicole it tasted like tequila and as for me it tasted like acid. O________________________________O seriously man!!!

Pretending that it taste nice by showing the smiley face just for the sake of camwhoring purposes :P

And this is my most favorite cutie pie picture ever. hahahah seriously damn cute lor.

The girls version

The guys version


They were forced to pose like that by nicole lee. hahahahaha kesian.

We are the LALA geng for that night. By the way, just take a look at Amirul's face. Funny gilerr.

Here's our food. By far I personally think that Mark's dish are the best among all 4 of us and *coughs* amirul's one is the yuckkieeessst one :P hahahaha.
Apa lagi?? Amirul pun naik emo terus lah... hahahahah kesian dia. sayang lah ya. Dun emo emo d. Esok dah puasa :)

Nicole's dish

Mark's dish

Amirul's cold dish. hahahaha saw the ice inside the bowl? LMAO!!!!

The reason why his food taste sucks. LOL!!!!!!! This shows that you are not gifted in ordering foreign food :P

My food :)

A complimentary free food from the boss :)

The boss gave us U KISS poster as well. hahaha but like I know who the heck are those guys. Oh well. As long as they are cute then everything will do :)

Overall it cost RM100+ for the dinner which is quite okay I think.

After supper + dinner, the guys went to catch some ice cream for a light snack. Bumped into my girlfriend there!!!!!

ps: I skipped every class and tutorials today due to my sore throat, cough, flu and slight fever :( but still I wanna blog!!! I don't care.


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