Friday, October 22, 2010

High and Low

Today is the fifth day of campus.
Amazingly, for the rest of my 4 years in MMU, this semester is by far the worst one ever. Was super busy at the very first day of the week. Where got people first day start semester already busy like mad one? Seriously mad lor.

Woke up pretty early on Monday and started doing mooting research in law library together with my partner.
Discussed from 1pm to 5pm. Basically the discussion was just to identify what issues to raise. Reached home about 8pm+ and then after dinner and shower, continue with my research and went to bed about 12am because I was too tired.

The book was given to me by Tan Choon Hong. Oh yea that was my 21st Birthday gift from him. hahahahahahahahaahaha.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The book cost RM70 and of course happy la can get for free. But he told me this:

Oklah you can have the book since I am not going to use it anyways (since he is majoring in criminal law instead of civil law) and this book don't really bring much use to me. Therefore you can have it.

Damn sedih right? You wanna give me then just give la. Don't la say you don't need it then only give me T____________________T

Shad the gorgeous


Had the same routine on Tuesday. Woke up at 8am, discussion at 10am to 3pm. Class at 3pm to 5pm. Had a meeting at 5pm tigether with Q and Jr regarding for the funding activities until 6pm. Then FINALLY went for a date with the slave at 6pm to 7pm. Accompany him for dinner and what I did was just staring at him eating!

I told him I can't eat chicken coz of chicken pox. haha but die die also ended up in KFC. So just tengok lor.
Reached home about 8pm+ and seriously I starve to death. Imagine that I couldn't eat anything except for my mum's cook. T____________________T

Now i know how the African kids feel.

Slept at 2am coz were busy typing out my submission. Konon-kononnya going to meet up with a friend of Jeff who is a lawyer. Mana tau the next day kena FFK. Kanasai!!!!
I dress so formally some more. Damn it!

Met with Rishi when we were having our lunch break. The AFRO dude. hehehe


So like I said, we kena FFk on wednesday. So I went to the law library again from 11am until 3pm. Seriously the law library is like my second home for the whole week.

At 3pm somebody decided to kidnap me and make a runaway with him. hahahahaha.
The plan was to go to the 'bank' which will only be like 30 minutes but ended up I M.I.A for 2 hours.

Had a great experience together with Mark. LOL!

We went for a car wash!!!!
Yes a car wash.
This is the very first time lor I experience such thing. Normally you just send your car to the car wash and waited outside for them to clean your car right. But this one you can just sit inside your car :D
But of course it's not that clean la cause it only washes outside and not inside. Therefore it's half price cheaper. So no big deal la.

Okay I have to stop now. I need to go to the law library again now. For discussion again :(

See you folks soon. Toodles

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