Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's time


Finally the new semester is starting tomorrow.
How I wish this is untrue.

Lately I've been staying at home as you all know what happened to me right.
Such an unfortunate holiday break ever.

Okay I should stop talking about the same old thing that most of you had already knew from the previous post.
So let's talk about something else. Something more interesting such as what's gonna happen next week :D
My gawd! I am so excited to return to Uni life again tomorrow is so-not-true!

Starting from tomorrow onwards I am gonna have a pretty hectic life for the whole semester itself. I just hope I can pull myself up and endure all of the upcoming obstacles.

Since I've been stuck at home for God knows how long, finally I've decided to go out to catch some fresh air. Erm well I think more to polluted air instead :s
Went to Jonker on Friday. Met up with Alex. He was with his MMU friends. So we just chilled around together.

It was good to be able to get out from my house after more than a week of rotting inside. Phewww! What a relieved.

Next day itself, went down town to catch The Other Guys together with Kenny and Alex.

I seriously enjoyed the movie. I laughed throughout the movie. It was stupid, silly, funny and kinda retarded. The story line was okay but their dialogue was crazy. hahahahaha. A must watch movie if you feel like making yourself laughing :)

Owh and the secret hidden lift located in Dataran no longer provided the service up to 4th floor. Only up to 2nd floor. FML!
And one of the guy there told me that they are going to open a pool/snooker soon in Dataran.
Oh okay that's pretty cool.

Our movie ended at 10pm and since Alex was the one fetching me, I have to follow the driver. They went for a game of futsal at 11.30pm and I was stuck all by myself-alone there with a gazillions of guys. I smell sweat. eww! hahaha

By the time they were done with their game it was almost 1am. Went to bed around 4am and having difficulties to wake up this morning. Was being forced by my mother to awake. No choice. Tomorrow got class liao :(

That's us camwhoring in the car while waiting for the rest to arrive. You know la Malaysia timing. Cakap pukul 11pm main, ended up 11.30pm baru start.

Tsk tsk.

Plus according to both of them, i don't looked like someone who had suffered from a chicken pox. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

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