Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All I need is my bed

I am not sure whether I am considered as lucky or vice versa.
It's semester break and I'm down with a chicken pox virus now.
Lucky or not? Thank God it wasn't during the finals or else I'm a gone case now.

Went to watch Legend of the Guardians last Sunday and the movie was good. Especially the graphics. It was seriously damn amazing. And I am in love with the main character, Sorren. He is one good looking owl. If I'm an owl I will just marry him directly :D

Had our lunch in Wong Kok before movie. There's one ang moh dude sitting beside me with this chinese family and the little chinese boy was so adorable. He peed on his pants and the whole chair was wet. And his mum never brought any extra pants for him so he was left half naked running around the restaurant while holding his toys. hahahah

His dad seems very serious (coz they were having a serious business meeting/talk with the ang moh)
I felt so tense sitting there. Can feel the aura as well wei :x
Not only that I felt annoyed with the kid too.
He got this toys where you can click on it and it produce a sound and he kept pressing it non stop for like 20 minutes. Can you imagine that?

He? Sitting beside me?? Pressing non stop?? FCKING ANNOYING!!!

This was me happily eating my Rice with Chinese Herbs dish. I got a feeling that I was going to get sick but didn't know that I'm gonna get a chicken pox. This dish was basically rice with soup. It looks like porridge lor and it cost 10 bucks for that. Exploited max. Got nothing inside one u know. Just rice and soup and some celery.

The soup not bad though. Suitable for sick people like me :(

Alex brought his kawaii lomo. And it's in PINK!!!! Arghhh
He got it for free during some lucky draw. Damn lucky lor. It was a limited edition one I think.
We took few shoots with that as it requires film. All I have to do now is just wait for him to develop the pictures out.

After movie we went to Nadeje.
The cake was okay for me. Not to the extend damn delicious.

Okay I should stop now and start resting.
Pray for my recovery :)


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