Sunday, June 30, 2013


I found out about this myBurgerLab from a friend of mine who posted a picture of it in Instagram.
The minute I saw it, I went gugugaga. A bloody freaking black colored burger! I was ohh-amm-geee I so wanna eat that thing.

This brilliant concept was established by 3 brilliant guys who thought about it out of the ordinary box.
myBurgerLab operates every Tuesday to Sunday starting from 5pm to 10.15pm.
Here's their location : No. 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya.

Check out their facebook page : myBurgerLab

He's very helpful. His task was to introduce you which burger that you might like. For a newbie like me, I opt for the normal burger which was known as A+

Additional of RM6 for a set meal which consist of fries and a cup of carbonated drink which i refillable.

Varieties of weird and unique burgers.

 Super long queue.

 The boys with their burgers.

 Finally I get to lay my hands on that lil' monster burger.

So happy to meet up with old buddies.


After myburgerlab we stopped by S'Mores to chill out.
The entire topic was about 1 Malaysia and Janji Ditepati -____-
Inside jokes.

We went for a third round later on.
As if having a burger a day is not enough, the guys decided to order another HUGEASS burger for supper in Asia Cafe. 
Too much burger consumption in couple of hours.

As big as my face.


Rachelle Yen said...

my dear, the place is at Seapark = Sea Park :)

ruby said...

Rachelle: ohh thanks for correcting me. I copied the address from facebook. I didn't know the exact address also btw. lol

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