Monday, February 9, 2015



It's me again.

Life is pretty awesome lately especially when I've been pampered with lots of tasty food.
Food to make my tummy happy.
Food to make me extra fat.
Happy fats they say.
That puts a smile on my face.

The so called 'wanna look awesome for 2015 resolution' has been washed under the drain just like that. Swossh!

1. Ichi Zen Japanese Restaurant

Finally I get the opportunity to try it out.
I hesitated to give it a try when I received a feedback from a friend who complained that the food was so-so but pricey.

Well. At least I've tried it now.
Yes. The food is expensive. A set meal would cost you at least about RM50.

Fortunately the food was good.
At least what I ordered was pretty delicious.

Picture shown above was only part of the entire thing I ate.

ps: non-halal restaurant.

2. Backlane Coffee

Love their tasty macaroons.
Only RM4.50 each piece.

3. Kaya Kaya Cafe

Spaghetti and french toast for lunch.
Great food in between working hours can actually lift my mood.
Although it's only for a temporary one hour.

Chilling with le cousin.
#throwback #starbucks

Rubi Ruby~

4. Chapter Two Coffee & Dessert.

Another newly open cafe in town.
Located at the new commercial area, Jalan Kota Syahbandar. One row with Movida.
A very unique concept whereby it's a combination of a cafe together with boutique - M concept.

So for guys who are lazy to wait for your shopaholic girlfriends, you can just sit and sip a cup of coffee while the girlfriend occupy herself browsing through the selection of clothes that they offered.

The waffles and cakes cost about RM14.
Ahh shiatz! I totally forgot about the prices.

For more info please like their facebook page.

Pork chop, pork ribs, bacon burger and pasta.

Pizza @ RM18.0
It's the size of my palm je.

Bacon Ice Cream @ RM15.0

5. Todd's

And here's another new place for adults to chill in Melaka.
It is located one row with Chapter Two building.
Like I said. The newly commercial area in town.

Unfortunately this place is totally non-halal.
Porks and liquor are part of their specialty.

Price for a proper meal is above RM20.

Lastly Triple Choco Fondue @ RM18.8 from Caffe bene.
Extremely choco-gasm!

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