Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Indonesia - Bali (Lumbung Sari Luwak Coffee / Pura Tirtha Empul / Tegallalang Paddy Rice Terrace / IIga Warung / Tegunangan Waterfall)

1) Lumbung Sari Luwak Coffee

We continued our third day in Bali with more sun-kissed activities.
Before getting ourselves tanner skin, lepak dulu sambil minum kopi.

Luwak coffee is well known to be the purest of the purest coffee because it was derived from civet feces. The civet is known to eat only good quality coffee and later on poop it out back.

Luwak Coffee covered in Civet's feces/poop. 

 After cleaning the poop. Now you got yourself a clean luwak coffee beans. 

Free tea & coffee tasting on the house.
I ordered a cup of luwak coffee which cost 50k rupiah. 
The coffee taste was not bitter (don't need to put any sugar or sweetener). 

But it's not really my favorite though.

2) Pura Tirtha Empul

Next stop was Pura Tirtha Empul, a Hindu Balinese water temple which is well known for it's holy spring water where Balinese Hindus go for ritual purification.

You need to pay if you want to purify yourself in the holy spring water. 

3) Tegallalang Paddy Rice Terrace

Entrance fee is 10k rupiah per person.

This place is such an insta-worthy kind of place provided if you can endure the fucking scorching hot sun. We literally became roasted pork while trying to take some decent photos there.

The thought of walking to a lesser crowd area immediately was dismissed from our initial plan BECAUSE IT WAS SO DAMN HOT! Gila ke apa nak jalan jauh jauh. Boleh mati siut!

That's the furthest I can go (few steps below from the top only)
Okay lah tu. Cukup lah tu. Ni pun separuh mati sudah. 

To walk down the paddy rice is quite steep and dangerous.
Dah la pakai ayu-ayu long dress pula tu. Sekali tersilap jalan, jatuh tergolek anjing wei.
So we decided to not head further down for SAFETY PURPOSES.

My shoulders and hands are still tan even up until today.
All those lotions and sun screen doesn't do any justice at all.

4) IIga Warung Restaurant

After all those tanning, it's time for us to eat ourselves (roasted pork) hahahaha!

We headed to IIga Warung for their ribs steak. According to our tour guide, the owner of this restaurant used to be the Chef for Naughty Nuri.

 The place was empty because it was around 4pm+
Yeah we had a very late lunch.

 Our 570k rupiah lunch.
BBQ Pork Ribs!

5) Tegenungan Waterfall

Entrance Fee is 15k rupiah per person.

Honestly speaking, there's nothing here unless you plan to take a dip under the waterfall.
In my opinion, the waterfall is not that nice also lah. No great view pun.

The only thing good about this place is that, you can have stronger legs muscle at the end of the day.
The amount of staircase is crazy! And the stairs are very steep. It feels like I did 6 sets of leg press (35 times each).

My legs were all wobbly the following day. What a great way to end my vacation.

This is just the starting point.

Will I ever visit Bali again?

That's all for my Bali post.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Indonesia - Bali (Uluwatu / Ayana Resort & Spa / Sky Garden Bali)

Uluwatu is included in our itinerary since it's one of the tourist attraction spot. Entrance fee per person is 30k rupiah.

Honestly, there's nothing much to do there except for taking pictures and to watch the kecak dance until the sun set.

We did not watched the Kecak Dance because we wanted to rush to Rock Bar to experience their sun set by chilling on their bar which is literally by the rock, like their name.

What a sight. 

It is very difficult to capture a decent insta-worthy picture with their awesome scene because there were so many freaking tourist walking around and taking their sweet time selfie-ing at the same spot for more than 20 minutes!

So it's either you get a perfect photo of yourself (looking good) but with some hideous looking passer by or a complete free of human on the background but our own face turned out to look like some fukin retard. Sigh. Story of my life.

We rushed to Ayana Resort & Spa Bali to visit the Rock Bar (which is situated inside of the Resort).
Unfortunately, by the time we got there it was already 6pm.

The queue to enter Rock Bar was so long and needed a reservation due to peak season. There's a wedding being held at the Resort's Park outdoor. Maybe that's the reason why it was so damn packed that day.

So here's a video of the place. Sorry for the bad quality because I used my lousy phone to take those videos. (Not a Vlogger, hence I'm lacked with good quality videography devices)


Our Plan B was to eat Gelato inside the Resort!
Tak dapat tengok sun set by the bar, dapat makan ice cream pun jadi lah ye. Hehe...


We left the place in an hour time because we had another important schedule during the night.


Our important schedule for the night was to visit one of Bali most happening club (for foreigners) which is known as Sky Garden.

On the night we went (which fell on a Saturday) DJ Billy The Kit was spinning on that day, so the entrance fee per person was 200k rupiah (inclusive of 2 bottles of drink).

We arrived there around 11pm+ and the place was already packed with delicious ang moh lengzai.
Hahahahahahaha! Okay just kidding about the delicious ang moh part.

Let the video do the talking.

We stayed only about 2 hours and shockingly we spent another extra 30-40 minutes in the toilet!
Just because the toilet is so cool and comfortable! It looks more like a changing room instead of a place for you to pee and shit.

Check out the video below!

That's all for our super fruitful day 2 in Bali. 

 To be continued....

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Indonesia - Bali (Nook Cafe)

One of my unforgettable experience while in Bali was to have lunch in Nook Cafe.

The place was somewhere around Kuta and the cafe is surrounded by green paddy field.
What I had in mind was, shit this place is going to be super damn hot but I was wrong. Well not entirely wrong but the place wasn't as hot as I expected it to be because there's quite a number of trees planted around to shade us from the sun.

 Location: Jalan Umalas 1, Gg Nook Nr 1,
Denpasar Bali, Indonesia.

The thing about this place is that, it's a tourist attraction kind of place. Most of the customers are non locals. If you're looking for a place that is more local-like, then I suggest you to skip this place.

Green Paddy Field 

No doubt the view is very beautiful, unfortunately our food was so-so only.
The bread was quite hard and we were having tough time chewing our food. Is it supposed to be that way? 

Maybe we shouldn't order bread based for lunch.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Indonesia - Bali (Tanah Lot & Pura Batu Bolong)

While waiting for my flight to Bali. 

We had Ayam Penyet at Wong Solo for late lunch/early dinner upon arrival.

The place was fully booked when we arrived at about 5pm. 

Our Ayam Penyet and avocado drink.
The sambal is delicious but very spicy, however the portion of the chicken was such a disappointment. It is very very tiny. The total bill amounted to about 170k rupiah.

I'm not a big fan of avocado but honestly speaking, the avocado drink there taste really really good. You should at least try it once if you're there.

We did nothing much on our first day in Bali due to our late flight.

Right after dinner, we took a short rest back in our hotel and resume to explore around Kuta (since we're staying in the middle of Kuta area). It was about a kilometer away from our Suris Boutique Hotel. So we decided to walk instead. It's a good idea and also a bad idea at the same time. Good because you will be able to save transportation money, but then it's quite dangerous and tiring of course.

We settled down at Rosso Vivo after walking around Beach Walk Shopping Mall.

 Live band.

Enjoying ourselves with a bottle of white wine. 

Girls trip.


The following day was fully utilized by us.

Our hotel - Suris Boutique Hotel, Kuta Bali. 

Having our breakfast by the pool. 

 Book your tour with YONK MADE.

Bali roads are very small. Basically there's only two lanes as you can see from the photo above. 

Therefore the journey from one place to another consumes extra time although the distance is quite near actually.

Plus, I noticed that drivers in Bali doesn't drive exceed 60kmph.
If you want to avoid the traffic, rent a bike. That's what most 'angmoh' did.

Our first stop was Tanah Lot. The distance from Kuta to Tanah Lot was less than 25km but it took us around 60-70 minutes drive.

In our matching girl friends outfit. 
Pura Batu Bolong as backdrop scene.

Pura Batu Bolong is just few meters away from Tanah Lot.

The weather was so hot. 
Hot hot hot!

Tanah Lot ✓ 
Off the bucket list.

With our tour guide - Mr. Made Yonk

Coconut on a hot sunny day is a must!

This thing taste 10 times nicer than ondeh ondeh.

To be continued.....

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