Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Malaysia - Sabah - Kota Kinabalu (Island Hoping at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park)

Besides being well known for their top diving spot island - Pulau Sipadan, you can also visit the other islands in Sabah which is located in Kota Kinabalu.

If you are too afraid of being kidnap in Sipadan (lol), maybe you can opt for a safer yet beautiful option and also cheaper compared to Sipadan Island.

There are few islands around Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. In order to get there, we need to gather around Jesselton Point ferry terminal to purchase our choice of islands to hop around.

The price per island cost RM23 each, RM33 for two, RM43 for 3 and RM53 for 4 islands.
The list of popular islands are as such:-

1) Manukan Island
2) Mamutik Island
3) Sapi Island
4) Sulug Island
5) Gaya Island

We took 3 island for the price of RM43 (Manukan, Mamutik and Sapi). You will also be charged another extra RM7.60 per person for the terminal fee and another additional one time payment of RM3 for admission fee for all the islands (make sure to keep the receipt or else you will be charged again for entering another island)

Roughly about 15-20 minutes ride from the terminal to our very first Island - Pulau Mamutik 

Our sole purpose for the island hoping was not for any scuba diving or any water sports because we were too lazy to shower and get changed.

We just wanted to chill and of course take zillions of photos!
Oh and also to ogle around. Haha! Lucky us because the entire island was filled with KOREANS that day. Ahhhh this is what I called PARADISE baby.

Nothing can go wrong when there's boobs and beach.
My life is complete.


Our second stop was at Pulau Manukan.
This island was not that pretty for photo taking compared to Mamutik. So make sure you take lots of nice pictures while you're in Mamutik.

We did nothing in Manukan except for having our lunch there.

Our final stop was Pulau Sapi and luckily we decided to try the ZIP LINER.
It's worth the money.

The price per person for zip liner was RM68 which gave you only around 15-20 seconds ride BUT that 20 seconds were really worth it. Imagine you were flying above the sea level from one island to another! Holy Moly! Surrounded by beautiful clear sea. It's once in a lifetime experience.

We zipline from Pulau Gaya (right-hand island) all the way to Pulau Sapi (the island on the left-hand). Damn syok giler wei. 

Waiting for our equipments. 

We need to hike to the top for 10 minutes while wearing and carrying our equipments along. 

There's a video of us ziplining but I'm too lazy to post it because I was the only one who got caught in the middle of the sea. Apparently my body weight was not heavy enough to touch the finishing line.

Am I supposed to be happy or sad?

So I was left in the middle of the sea for almost 5 minutes okay!
Scary but fun at the same time.

Waiting for my Hero to the rescue. LOL. 

Kena tarik balik finishing line.  

The guys who rescued me were laughing and he said that I'm not heavy enough and should eat more.
Excuse me? Hello? Say what?

All in all, it was a great experience. Would love to do that again in the future.

We went to Mad Ben for dinner that night.
The food was surprisingly good.

That's the end of my Kota Kinabalu trip.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Malaysia - Sabah - Kundasang (Desa Dairy Farm)

One of my favorite place out of my previous trip to Sabah would be - Kundasang, Desa Dairy Farm.

The scenery is really beautiful. It is such a good place to take photography. Almost every corner, road, trees, dustbin, signboards, you name it! All also damn nice to take photo with. hahahaha!

The entrance fee per person would be RM5.

There is nothing much you can do there except touring around, looking at the cows in the barn and also to try their local product - milk and also the yogurt ice cream. 

Most importantly, you need to spend at least 3 hours here just to take photos in every corner and angle. Basically that's what I did. 

We've taken like millions of pictures here. Now I am having a difficulty in choosing which to post. *headache*

So here are some of the pictures taken in Desa Dairy Farm.

Fantastic Four 

Love how fresh the air was. Owh and some mixture of cow dung smell which makes the air even more fresh. Hehehehe...

Original flavored Yogurt for the price of RM5.30 each.
They have chocolate flavor too but I prefer the original one.

We shall meet again in the future Kundasang.

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