Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Malaysia - Pahang (Teluk Cempedak Beach) and Terengganu (Firefly Sanctuary at Sungai Yak Yah)

Terengganu is also well known for their ikan patin masak tempoyak. It was my first time trying it out. I'm not a big fan of the dish. Amirul have to eat the entire fish head all by himself.

Teluk Cempedak Beach

It's a very beautiful beach. You should at least stop by if you're in Pahang.
The weather was just fine when we were there.

 Those two always tend to spoil my picture unintentionally.

 HAHAHA! Can I slap that two monkeys behind?

 Panorama shot.

 Run like a Running Man.

Seeking directions to the new High Court.

 One of the biggest and nicest court we've encountered so far. Excluding KL court.

Terengganu - Firefly Sanctuary 

By the Yak Yah river, you can stand a chance to witness one of the awesome creation of God - fireflies!
By the way, I have no idea how the hell we traveled from Pahang back to Terengganu again just for the sake of the fireflies watching.

We went there earlier to scout for the place so that we'll manage to find it at night.
It is not like you'll be able to watch it all the time. It depends on the month as well.
We were quite lucky because in middle July, the fireflies are looking for partner to reproduce hehe :)

For those who are interested, you may contact En. Ghani :- 0199174012
It cost about RM25 per person and the trip was about 40 to 60 minutes.

What we managed to capture by using the camera is only 5% of the true beauty. 
The view was breathtaking and romantic too. 

 Misteri Nusantara effect :D

 Fikry with Mr Ghani. The guy who is in charge of Firefly and also Turtle watching.
If you're interested to see turtles laying eggs, you can call him as well.

Mr Ghani is a very friendly man and he has a lot of stories to share. You wouldn't get bored by listening to his stories and his wide knowledge about firefly.

After spending about an hour or two with him, we bid farewell and drove straight to Genting Highlands.
We spent a night in one of the apartments which cost only RM200 a night.
The place was spacious, clean and comfortable. It was a chilly night for us and the guys were enjoying themselves to the maximum.

 The living room

 The kitchen

The bedroom

The bathroom

 Random shot 1

 Random shot 2

 Random shot 3


The guys enjoying their last night of vacation smoking cigars and to celebrate the end of Mirul's vacation and a new start of working life for him. Seriously. I feel quite sad for him to start working that early. hahaha. And here I am, still having my super long break. Owhh yeah!

 Muka high semacam.

Contact number for those who are interested to rent the apartment.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Malaysia - Terengganu (Chinatown / Terengganu State Museum / Crystal Mosque)

Had our lunch and desserts at ON THE WAY CAFE - Terengganu's Chinatown 


 So classic :)

Terengganu State Museum Complex

Next stop was the State Museum.
By far one of the biggest museum we've seen.
The museum is interconnected on a 26 hectares of land.
Imagine how large that is.

Unfortunately we only managed to spend about an hour there because we reached rather late and they close at 5pm.

The entrance fees are as stated below:-

For Malaysian
RM5 adult / RM2 child (age 7-12)
RM1 for students in school uniform

For Non-Malaysian
RM15 adult / RM10 child


Crystal Mosque

One of the highlights around Islamic Civilisation Park is the Crystal Mosque.
The Islamic Civilisation Park features a number of replicas historical monuments that can be found around the world.

 Terengganu's Court.

 Batu bersurat.

The guys wanted to try some 'kaw' coffee and so we went to Lounge Kuala Kopi which is located inside Primula Beach Resort.

One of their unique house blend is known as kopi de ganu.

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