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Malaysia - Terengganu - Pulau Perhentian Kecil

Breakfast before leaving Kelantan.

Compulsory shot with KB Court.

And to start our Terengganu welcoming, we decided to spend a night in Pulau Perhentian.
For those who are sun-seekers and love to get themselves some tanning, do visit Pulau Perhentian Besar or Kecil. Visitors will have option to live in either one of the islands.

What's the difference between Pulau Perhentian Besar and Kecil?
Well, since we are young and energetic, we opted for Pulau Kecil a.k.a the small island.
The small island is popular with younger backpacker crowd and it's more happening with parties going on at night. As for Pulau Besar, it has a higher standards of accommodation and a quieter, more relaxed ambience and of course more expensive. A quick hop can be made between the islands, which cost roughly about RM20 depending on the season.

The islands basically shut down during the monsoon season which is somewhere around mid-November to mid-February. Make sure you plan your vacation properly. There are no banks or ATMs on the islands. Make sure to bring extra cash for emergency purposes. 

We used the Kuala Besut Jetty which took about 45 minutes boat ride from the mainland.

Excited faces :D

 Our 2 way boat ride ticket which cost RM70 per person. The price quoted is not fixed because it depends on the high or low season. Make sure to get the best price.

 Life jacket - checked! 
And we're good to go.


 Arrival - Pulau Perhentian Kecil

Due to the haze, the view was not that beautiful but still it's acceptable.
Would love to visit Sipadan one day.

 An impromptu plan. We didn't even book a hotel/chalet at all. A risky thing to do. 

We were this close of going back on that same day itself. There's a room but the minimum required stays would be at least 2 nights. We wanted to stay for a night only. I almost cried you know! Ingatkan kena balik jetty T______T sia-sia je RM70 tu.

Thank God we managed to find a place to stay. Unfortunately the place is super duper intolerable. Backpackers budget hotel to the max! I'll continue on that topic later on okay.
For now, let's just feast those burning eyes with all the beautiful pictures I've taken.

Why is my photography skill so beautiful? omgomgomgomg! So in love with myself :P


Two hot babes chilling by the sea-shore.

Had our lunch while waiting to snorkel at 2pm. What a nice timing to snorkel. 100% tan

The time we reached Perhentian, it was about 12pm+ and most of the activities started early in the morning.
Our second obstacle was to look for someone who is willing to take us for snorkeling. SIGH. Better plan properly my dear readers, an impromptu plan is not a very good and bright idea actually. Don't be like us T____T
Although it's fun and thrilling, but it's quite stupid to do so.

Fortunately we're quite lucky because there's someone who was willing to take us to the sea despite the late hour. Just that we have to pay slightly more expensive je la.

First time snorkelling - muka budak excited.

I love beaches xoxo

So cute little chubby girl. Anak orang laut :)

Ugly but happy.

And we saw a turtle!!! Weeeee :)

I miss the salty water.

The water here is freaking cold. Syiok betul mandi.

 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What more can I say?

With our Canadian snorkeling partners.

 Snacks after tanning session.

 Relaxing while waiting for dinner time. Love the slow pace life there. No worries at all, just admiring the beautiful scenes to kill time.

Looks like some romantic drama. hahahahaha!

We were busy collecting seashells. 

Finally it's dinner time. I was starving and the food is so damn good. *salivates while blogging*

 Our delicious dinner. 

The guys went for shisha-ing, meanwhile I headed back to get some rest. Was too exhausted and had a migraine after being exposed for almost 3-4 hours under the blazing hot sun.

Meet our humble chalet.

 My room.

Can you see the sign on the door?
- No Water Heater
- No Kettle
- No Iron
- No Hair Dryer

That is one of my worst nightmare! I can't even dry my hair up T_____T
Have to sleep with my soaking wet hair. Sob.

Unimaginable toilet T__________T
I tried my very best to not visit the toilet that often.

I can't complain much also la, the price for a night is RM80 for two.
We got no choice but to live in such a place because it's the only chalet that allows us to live just for one night.

The following day, we woke up early just to catch the 8am boat ride.
It has been a pleasant one day stop by the beach.

My newly tanned and even skin.

Time to bid farewell *tears*

I'm just faking the tears. Truth to be told, I can't wait to get the hell out of there a.s.a.p due to the nightmares I have to face - our beloved humble chalet. It creeps me out just by thinking about the room. Dah la aku jumpa cicak hitam legam sebelah katil. Ahhhhh!!!!! T____________________T disgusting.

Amirul: Aku tak dapat nak pergi Thailand, tapi at least dapat pergi lawat Pulau pun dah cukup doh. Percutian aku bermakna juga.

Nasi Kerabu for breakfast.

-the end-

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