Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Momoe is love

There's a singing competition in Jonker last Sunday. Yee Fan was performing as the guitarist. Nicole asked me to watch the performances. So I decided to go Jonker that day. They had this break dancing performances as well and it was so-so only. The singers, oh well. I didn't really listen to their singing as I were busy walking hunting for new ear rings and busy looking for my favorite Mango Juice *hearts*
The Mango juice is heaven. Thanks to Emily who kept telling us how delicious it was. So I have to give a shot. It was sour and I love sour drinks :D

Sat at this bar or whatesoever it was. It was located nearby the main stage. My position was at the back of the wall so I couldn't really see that well.
Alvin ordered fries. The fries was quite yummeh but it's fattening.

Took several pics with Nicole but I shall not post here okay dear, just to jaga your air muka. hahahahahhaha.

Managed to get myself 6 new pairs of ear rings. ahhh collections :D


Yesterday was Merdeka Eve. I seriously need to shop or else I'm so gonna be crazy lo. Went to fetch Nicole and on the way to Jusco got caught in a stupid crazy nut jam ~.~
Reached Jusco almost 7pm. Took me an hour just to reach there from Ixora. WTF!
Once we got there I was pretty surprised as the shopping mall was rather empty o.O
Eh where's everybody la? Shouldn't it be Merdeka Eve's and there's SALES all over the place?
But it was a good thing too because in that way I don't have to fight over stuffs.

Camwhoring in the toilet is just part of our traditional culture :)

My intention was to get a new pair of shoes/flats/heels/wedges that night and I managed to get a wedges for a very very very super good deal. I felt so proud of myself for being such a talented shopper for being able to get good stuffs for a good deal :)
I shall not tell you the price of my wedges. *teeheee*

Bought it from Momoe.

My 1 day old wedges

Damn cute right my new wedges? hehehehe *hearts*
Nicole got one too. We bought them together as it was super cheap and we just can't resist ourselves from getting our hands from owning it.
It looks a little similar with my previous wedges just that this is far way cuter :)

My 3 months old wedges

I need a new pair of flats but couldn't find any that gives me a good bargain as well as satisfying my taste. It's either the flats were cheap and ugly or it's nice and expensive or worst part is that it's ugly and yet expensive -_____- bloody hell.

I was looking for a new handbag too because my converse bag becomes very ugly and according to Nicole and Mark

'Ruby go get a more ladylike handbag please'

Aihhh sedih sial. I look like a boy to you la now izit carrying my beloved Converse bag. SAD CAN DIE!

Most of the bags were either not my type or it was so freaking expensive and I feel that it's too lady for me. Biasalah I kan comel. Mana suitable pakai benda mature mature ni. ish! :P

Instead of getting a new handbag. I bought a new dress :D
Nyahahahahahhaha the dress looks really good on me and I love it to the max.
Gives the super elegant look :P
Please let me syok sendiri for a moment can or not?

After done with our shopping. We went to buy some groceries. I can be very successful housewife in the future.

1. Expiry date [checked]
2. Price [checked]
3. Money in purse [checked]  ---- (must check first ma, later not enuf money how? shy lor)
4. Trolley [checked]
5. Shop for snacks [double check and yes CHECKED!!]
6. Comparison of prices between different places [not checked]   This one normally aunty does it :P but not me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Nicole you did that right? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Ughh so I bought snacks which cost me RM30++ and breads that cost me RM10+
Overall spend about RM100+ that day. Not bad la hor. Got the successful + cute housewife future to be looks or not? *winks*

So for those who are looking for a gf don't hesitate to call or leave your number or mail or whatever means you can find to get in touch with me. Just that I won't guarantee you that there will be a response or answer :)

Belum cuba belum tahu mah.



As for today. I'll just rot at home and animes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


:D mwiss mweee??

I've been abandoning my blog for a week now.
There's plenty too blog about, just that I'm too lazy.

Merdeka Day is just around the corner. So most of our classes will be replaced. The only class left was Land and Company.

Oh my! I bet there's SALE every freaking malls and I want to shop so damn bad :(

I've been slacking in Nicole's place lately.

Okay that's a high waist skirt. You can get them if you want to from her blog shop by clicking on the picture above.

 I love this high waist pants. It makes me look so much slimmer and taller as well :D

This is a floral jumpsuit and I think it's pretty cute no?

There's more. So just visit fourleafcloset if you are interested to purchase any of the items above.
(I'm doing a free advertisement here) You owe me okay Nicole :P  
All these are ready stock clothes and for those who are interested in getting a pre-order clothes, do visit this link below


Friday was a great day. Had class from 10am to 12pm. Then headed to Walk in Taipei cafe with Nicole for brunch or whatever it is. I don't feel like eating so just had a drink there. After that we headed to Maybank coz she wants to bank in money. On our way to my car, we bumped into my girlfriend, Jason. (lol)

So he joined us to the bank and then we went for a pool in Ixora. Gosh that place is spooky I tell you. It feels like you will get raped any moment. Thank God my gf was there so that he can do the bodyguard protecting thingy. After pool we headed to new Jusco and I started feeling hungry. So we went to I LOVE YOO and I had my favorite porridge with yu tiao :) *yummeh*

There's sale everywhere and I was so depressed because I left RM60 in my purse only :(
EMO shit.

Shop there until 4.30pm and the only stuff I managed to purchase was a concealer because that's the only thing i could afford at that point of time :(
I'm depressed AGAIN!

Left Nicole in Jusco together with Alvin and I headed to Dataran to meet with my slave.
Went to catch STEP UP 3 and it was super awesome man.

Our movie was at 5.30pm and the cinema was quite empty. Maybe due to puasa kot. hahaha
But there's one malay chick shouted damn loud in the cinema when she saw LUKE. OMG. hahahahaha

She shouted like this " I LOVE YOU LUKE"

At first I thought it was somebody in the movie who shouted that. Who knows it was not. lol

Right after movie which was at 7.20pm. We headed to Pak Putra. Met with Fikry, Amirul, Nicole, Alvin and 2 of Nicole's hometown friends. Went there to celebrate her belated birthday. hahaha
The mamak there damn full house okay. Super lots of foreigners eating there too. Gosh!

My cheese naan and butter chicken and fresh orange. Cost RM14 T__________T

haha this was candid. I was trying to stop mark from talking crap. Actually he loves getting beaten from me :)
Without it he couldn't live. hahahahahahhahahaha hor? *shy*

Can't believe that I spend RM60 that day just like that. So now I'm broke and how the hell to shop for Merdeka Sales la? EMO to the max :(

I shall just rot at home and die.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I had only 3 hours of sleep on Saturday. After my previous blog I plan to continue with my sleep but somehow I felt energetic :) so I've decided to surf until like 1pm when suddenly the babe asked me out. We have not been slacking together for quite some time already. Yesterday was a great day. We traveled from one place to another place as if la petrol is made from water.

We headed to Jonker at first in the afternoon. Went there just for the asam laksa :)

At the very first sight, this painting is quite disturbing. But after a few looks, it seems interesting. Her boobs so damn bloody pointy one o.O and why is her mouth located quite close with the flower? hahaha *thinking of something obscene* *whistling*

Don't you think the painting looks so artistic?

Then we headed to Mahkota.

After that we headed to the new Jusco just to stop by at JCO. hahaha see I told you. Travel damn a lot in few hours time.

The middle one was mine. OMG damn delicious. Forgot what's it called. Some forest thingy doughnut name :S

It was about 7pm when we camwhored like mad in JCO. Most turned out not up to the expectation. So no camwhoring pictures :(

It's either I looked fat or others closed their eyes or others look fat -_____________-
So conclusion all also cannot. ish!

After that we went to jonker again. hahaha yes AGAIN!

Once we were on our way back from Jonker. I seriously think that I'm dead. How the hell I got that much energy to walk when I only had like 3 hours of sleep within 48 hours. Gosh! The time I got back home. I planned to sleep straight after my shower. However me and my itchy hand, decided to on my computer and surf the net until 11.30pm.

After that supposed to sleep but gatal go play sms with Si Hantu. Then ended up sleeping at 12am. Then Sunday have to wake up at 8am for prayers. Then now whole day dizzy and feel like dying. Okay I should go to bed now :)

Night peeps.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


So yesterday~
oh oh oh~~

So yesterday was the day where I have to go campus even though I've got no class. Went to submit assignment and collect my midterm result. By the time everything was settled it was about 3.30pm and we headed to Walk In Taipei just to kill time. There were only the three of us. The 2 beauty and the ugly ghost. hahahaha.

We sat there until 6.40pm okay! 3 freaking hours. But we had a really great chat :)
Poor mark. Has to talk a lot while looking at us eating and drinking while he himself just telan air liur sendiri ^^
yum yum kan? hahaha

The reason why I have to slack there for 3 hours is just because that, at night itself I'll be having a BBQ and we need to wait for the guys to do their things. hahaha 'do their things'

Reached there at 8.15pm and it's time to feast bebeh!
After an hour only the camwhoring starts.

Each and every pic got my face one okay!
Whether you like it or not, you still have to see the whole thing :P

hahaha fish spa. I bet the fishes will die lor due to eating the dead cells of 4 smelly people feet.

The guys were playing black jack and Jason lose consecutively. Doing the cute face won't help you to win la. Just give up Jason.

hahaha okay I know my face and pose all looks the same in every single damn effing picture!!! AKU SUKA LA!!! YOU SIBUK APASAL! :P

All the pweetty girls <3

Pictures worth a thousand words.
nuff said.

ps: slept for 3 hours only and here I am waking up at 8am blogging this :(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Don't feel motivated to blog this few days.
Just because I feel that I've got something better else to do such as online window shopping


Last Saturday I went to watch Expendables together with Alex. The movie was awesome! At least it was super duper awesome to me. According to Mark and Mirul it was so-so.

I just think that their actions were damn cool and especially the part where the soldiers exploded into pieces. OMG!!! Damn nice lor. haha

After movie headed to Jonker and I spend about RM50 there buying foods. Let's see what I had. Erm I had mee laksa, mango jelly ice blended, 2 packets of dodol, a bottle of cocktail and some japanese food. OH MY GOD! Fat like hell lor.


I can't remember what I did on sunday.


Monday whole day class and it was tiring :(
Oh wait. I skipped the evening class. HAHAHAHA
But still tired okay T______T


Tuesday was a super hectic day as well. During the break went to Dins cafe with Kin Ming, Li Han, Danny and Mark. Aihhh 4 guys bombarded me :(
Do you know what's their topic about????
They were talking about other guy's dick -________________________-
About the size and the length. OMG!!! I didn't know you guys this sick one lor!!!!!
Curse you to hell la Mark! Bulan puasa also want to buat dosa. cish!


Wednesday which is today. Hmm had a great fun today because I finally able to shop (it's not like I can't shop but it's just that I choose not to shop) hahahaha :P

Went to Jusco with my babe Nicole. It was her 22nd Birthday yesterday but we don't have the chance to celebrate. Don't worry we will celebrate it okay. Just that I'm not sure when. hahahaha

At least you got your mini super cute choco chips muffin cake from me :P
Happy 22nd Birthday once again dear.

We went to I Love Yoo restaurant for lunch today.
We had scallop porridge with yu tiao. OMG seriously damn nice wei :)

Right after lunch we started shopping from 1pm to 5pm. hahaha seriously crazy right. We stopped by one shop and we tried clothes for almost an hour there :D and we tried damn a lot of clothes lor. I'm in love with one of the dresses but I choose not to get them cause Nicole said I looked totally like a Korean girl in that dress. hahaha *shy*

Oklah that is not the reason why I never buy it. The reason was I'm on a mission to save money for my honeymoon trip with my baby darling :)

The Birthday Girl with her muffin cake. hahaha at least you got a muffin cake from me right? Better than nothing. LOL
Don't worry there's more to come. Hopefully. hahahaha

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