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Ting Yuan & Siaw Ching's Wedding

5th December 2015


Here I am blogging about another wedding event.

This time around, it's my coursemate's wedding, Miss Lo.

With this ring,
I give you my heart,
I promise from this day forward,
You shall not walk alone,
May my heart be your shelter,
And my arms be your home.

At the saloon for the make up and hairdo.

Meanwhile, the Groom is getting ready as well.

So these are the Heng Dai(s) a.k.a the sworn brothers who will suffer for the sake of the Groom.

Wow wow... Who says only female does this selfie thingy? 
Hey, even guys do it as well okay!

Getting all dressed up.

Yeap, he and his brothers are ready to meet the Ji Mui(s) and up for the punishment challenge.

Meanwhile, here we are at 8am? Woke up early just to prepare some 'healthy breakfast' for the guys. We are such a sweetheart aren't we?

Lemons to quench their thirst.
Nyummm nyummm.... very appetizing.

Korean super spicy noodle. So lucky lor these guys. All these stuff ain't cheap okay.
Get to eat HO LIAO (good food) early in the morning.

The innocent angels.

It's our turn to have a proper selfie while waiting for the Bride to dress up.

The Bride and her sweet family.

Coursemates reunited!

Now, the arrival of the Groom with his pack of hungry wolves.

Each tribe appointed their leaders.
We appointed Jessie as our Dai Ka Jie (big sister/leader) because we think that she is the most suitable person for this role.

As for the guys side, they appointed Mr. Hong? Huang? As the leader. Sorry if I get your name wrong. Couldn't recall what's his name.

Jessie: Ang pao come ang pao come. Don't talk so much.
Big Bro: Chill chill.... Baru sampai dah minta ang pao ke? Money face betul.

Okay that's not how the real conversation is actually.
For all I know, the first quest was to give us some red packets.

Groom took out the red packets and decided to give us only errrrr..... one packet?

Let us open and check how much money is inside first. 
Then only we'll decide whether to let you guys in or not.

And the amount contained in the red packet was not satisfying enough.
Therefore, to show our love, we are treating them a lovely breakfast which we prepared so hard earlier on.

First Challenge - [Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy]

To prove that no matter how sour, sweet, bitter or spicy the marriage life is, the groom will always be there for the bride and vice versa. Through thick and thin, hot and cold, they will endure everything together.

First, you have to eat all those lemons.

Next, to drink our specially homemade sweet oats.

Ingredients : 10 tablespoons of oats and 500 grams of sugar.

Yeap, basically the guys are drinking sugar.

Hahahaha look at one of the brother's expression.
Okay I don't know whether this is the sweet or bitter effect.

Ingredients for the bitternes is - BITTER GOURD. Blend them and mix with some water and TADDDAAA!!

Second Challenge - [The Sticky Note Dance]

The rule is simple, make sure to remove all the sticky notes on your body without using your hands or getting any extra help from other people.

I actually felt pity for this dude (the one who jumped) in this photo above. 
I tagged quite a number of sticky notes on his shoes, which are rather hard to remove it without using your hands.

So he has been jumping and jumping....

And jumping again....
Eiii wait... I saw someone using his hand to remove the sticky note on the partner's face.

Third Challenge - [Yoga Master]

Please spread your legs wider.

Dude: *laughing* Ehh later my pants koyak how.

Lastly, a sexy post from GG.

Fourth Challenge - [Pop The Balloon]

Fifth Challenge - [The Love Confession]

I pledge to give a helping hand,
To wash dishes, to wash your clothes and to wash your car,
I promise to patiently wait for you to dress up and to make up.

I pledge to give you everything,
Everything, including my time, my love,
And most importantly, all my money.
I promise to do anything,
Anything, just to make us both happy.

Awwwww so sweet right?
The confession was prepared by us and the groom willingly vowed to do all the above as mentioned.
It's good to have it black and white.


And they lived....

Happily Ever After.

Here are some photos on the wedding reception that night.

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