Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taiwan - (Su'aoxin Station) - Taipei

Day 7 Part 1 - (23rd May 2012)

Brand new day with a brand new experience and a healthy breakfast for a kick start :)

Headed to Su'aoxin Railway Station to experience an hour journey from Hualien to Yilan.
I'm not so sure about the pricing.

That was my very first time riding on a train!
Of course MRT and LRT are not included.
When we were in the train, there was a lady who sat 2 seats beside me who sang super loudly out of a sudden.
Both of us were shocked.
That lady was having some mental problem.
I was quite afraid at that time. Afraid that she might do something else besides singing.
Thank God she only sang one song. But she sang it super loud and then she talked to herself .________.

Once we arrived Yilan, we took our bus and continued our journey back to Taipei.

Went to visit HB Pearl.
This was not my kind of place as well.
Everything sold inside were way to expensive for me to handle.
I think I shall stop here.
Shall continue with the next part next time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Singapore - JB

(17th June -23rd June)

I've been running up and down from JB to Singapore for couple of times since last week.
It was quite tiring.
It wasn't entirely a holiday I must say. It was some sort like a working slash holiday kind of thing you know?
Mainly working!
Which was tiring as hell. Ughh!
I was glad to be home. Was pretty homesick to be away from home for a week.

There was nothing much to do on the first day itself. So I managed to take an early rest on that day.
Can you believe that I slept at 9pm? Gosh! Maybe I was too tired due to the 4 hours journey.

The place that I stayed for a night.


The following day, my job was to follow my boss around acting as his Personal Assistant only. In a way it was quite an easy job/task.

My breakfast

We headed to Puteri Pacific Hotel which was located in Johor for some discussion.
That would be the place where I'll be working for the following workshop (21st and 22nd June)

After discussion, we had our buffet lunch there.
It cost RM48++ per person for the buffet lunch.
I ate quite little only. Thank God I don't have to pay for it or else it was a super waste of money.

These were what I had for lunch.
Very merugikan right?
I know. haha

The following day I was free because the next workshop will only took place 2 days after that.
So I was having a great lepaking session with my lovely cousin - Sharon.


*ehem* One Thousand Dollar :)

We went to Bugis Street and Bugis+ Mall for some shopping.
Thanks to the stupid high exchange rate, I couldn't afford to spend a lot there.
I have to act like I am one of the poorest tourist ever in the entire Singapore.

Wah I looked so slim here *shy*

These brochures are very handy. Especially the Station Map.

Sharon suggested me to try KOI and we had Ice Cream Milk Tea.
It taste so good!!!
I love it so much.
Ermmm do we have any KOI franchise in Malaysia?

 Cute flip flops with big ass flowers on it.
I love my lilac nail polish too!

After buying several key chains and magnets which cost me almost RM50 *slits wrist* then we visited the National Library.

Oh and I do feel like committing suicide for spending so much on unnecessary items.

The National Library *jaw drops*

They have millions of books inside the library!
And to make it sound more cool, all those books can be borrowed for FREE!
How I wished I was born in Singapore now :(
They have every books from every author (I think so la). They even have manga, chick flicks, collections of newspapers from God knows what year as well as magazines!
This is like paradise wei!

I got myself this book to entertain me for an hour.
I would love to borrow it but unfortunately one can only borrow a book for 3 weeks and you'll need to return it in time or else you would have to pay penalty.
Since I'm not a Singaporean, hence I choose not to borrow it or else my cousin will be the one paying for my penalty. hahaha.

This book is a very nice book. I managed to read about 40-50 pages only.
Well this type of book is always about a hot blonde a.k.a bimbo who thinks she is almighty and back stabs and ruin other girls life during high school by bitching about them and downgrade them. So typical story line. But I have no idea why I enjoy reading them. These kind of books normally have the same twist and conclusion. heh!

Sylvia finally joined us in the evening right after her working hours which was at 6pm.
After spending the whole day out, we had a very yummylicious dinner.

Super kawaii!! >.<


The following day was business time again baby.
I was left in Vivo City Shopping Mall for 4 hours plus doing some slides and trying so hard to find an internet connection.

Finally Amirul arrived in SG and we met up in the late afternoon.
Had our lunch somewhere around Tampines shopping mall.

 Chicken Chop @ SGD 6.80

So many things happened on that day.
When I think of it again, I seriously feel like laughing.

Amirul Izzat do you........
1) Remember how hard was it for us walking around here and there looking for power supply and internet connection?
2) Remember all the stupid bullshit stuffs being told/lectured to us when we were dead tired?
3) Remember our crazy experience on how to sneak into the house without being noticed by the house owner? Where you almost ended up sleeping outside of the house, inside the trolley?
4) Remember how hard was it for us to sneak out from the house again the very next day when the lady was in the kitchen?

Come to think about all of that, it was actually quite fun you know?
Although I almost got a heart attack every minute back then.
But all of these are part of our 'sweet' memories and also part of our crazy experiences!
I'm going to miss you baboon :(

 Still sempat camwhore in the midst of looking for internet 
connection and rushing to complete the stupid slides -_____-

Our next shopping destination was Changi City Point.
Went there just for the sake of getting an internet connection.

 Out of all stuffs, he wants to camwhore with the cleaner's 'property'

 My bag cute mah? :D

We finally settled down in Coffee Bean.
Amirul was the one who had to sacrifice himself.
Sacrifice in the sense to order a cup of drink.
He only had 10SGD and he used up 7SGD just to buy a cup of frap for the sake of using the free internet connection. Awwww I'm so proud of you baboon!
You finally sacrificed for somebody else :)

Left with 2 dollars only. hahaha! Poorest tourist EVER! Shame on you! :P

Camwhoring shots of us.
My friend was too shy to be publicized in my blog.
So I'm just going to mosaic-ed my friend out from the picture :)
He/She is too handsome/hot for you people to stare at.

We worked until very late that night.
It was very very tough night. I was hoping for it to end soon.

 I had 3 mini buns for dinner. No appetite to eat at all :(
It might look big from the picture but actually they are 3 times tinier
than the original size buns that you usually buy from the bakery shop.


On last Thursday, we headed down JB to complete our jobs.
It was tiring and full of suspense job.
I'm glad that it was over.
Luckily we got this nice room to rest during the night.

 The super big bathroom!

 Our beds!

The rooms cost about RM400+ a night. But I think right now they are having a promotion with 50% discounts including breakfast for 2 for the price of RM210 or RM230 only which was the room that I'm living.

If you prefer not to have your breakfast there, the room only cost you as low as RM170 only.

Dinner time!!

 The end of tiresome day.


Healthy breakfast

Final day of working was as tough as the day before.
I feel like I'm a super bionic lady.
Multitasking several tasks given at a time.
Do you know how tough was it to handle so many task at a time?
I didn't even get to eat my lunch lor :(

I was glad that everything ended.
We have to accompany everyone back to Singapore again and then only we were allowed to go back Malaysia.
I wanted to head back Melaka that evening itself.
Unfortunately all tickets were sold out. The queue to get a bus from Singapore to Larkin was super freaking long. I had to wait for an hour before it reaches my turn.

Half way queuing, I gave up. I decided to stay over a night in Singapore and just head back the next day.
I was carrying so many stuffs and heavy bags. Plus to make things worst, I was so hungry that I don't even had enough energy to carry my luggage.

Met up with Sylvia and she treated me Frolick to pump up my negative energy.
Yes I know I am not supposed to eat yogurt ice cream when I am hungry.
But how can you reject free food? T_____T
Thanks dear. Love you so much.
Will see you soon, like really really soon soon!

Okay I look so tired and ugly in here. I was sweating profusely walking from Queensland Bus Station to Bugis Street. I know it wasn't that far. But imagine carrying a bag full of shoes and another luggage as heavy as 8kg around. Now you tell me how hard is that for a weak and innocent girl like me? :P

Slept with Mr Frosty The Snowman that night. Ain't he lovely? :D

The moment I laid down on my bed, I fell asleep instantly. That was how tired I felt.
I'm glad it's over now :)
I can sleep peacefully on my comfortable bed for the next 6 days.
Going off to some other place again next week :D
Please don't hate me for living my life to the fullest.


Went back Melaka the next day.
See I looked a lot better in this picture.
Back to my normal cute self.
hahahaha! *ehem*

Brought back 5 pairs of shoes along with me.
Teeehhheeee :D


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