Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taiwan - (Su'aoxin Station) - Taipei

Day 7 Part 1 - (23rd May 2012)

Brand new day with a brand new experience and a healthy breakfast for a kick start :)

Headed to Su'aoxin Railway Station to experience an hour journey from Hualien to Yilan.
I'm not so sure about the pricing.

That was my very first time riding on a train!
Of course MRT and LRT are not included.
When we were in the train, there was a lady who sat 2 seats beside me who sang super loudly out of a sudden.
Both of us were shocked.
That lady was having some mental problem.
I was quite afraid at that time. Afraid that she might do something else besides singing.
Thank God she only sang one song. But she sang it super loud and then she talked to herself .________.

Once we arrived Yilan, we took our bus and continued our journey back to Taipei.

Went to visit HB Pearl.
This was not my kind of place as well.
Everything sold inside were way to expensive for me to handle.
I think I shall stop here.
Shall continue with the next part next time.

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