Monday, March 19, 2018

Japan - Kyoto (Fushimi Inari Taisha & Kiyomizu Temple)

On my second day in Japan, after having breakfast, we headed to Kyoto!

My breakfast

And some dessert right after.

Japan is well known for their various types of vending machines.

And we're off to KYOTO!

Walking towards our very first tourist attraction spot - Fushimi Inari Taisha a.k.a Fushimi Inari Shrine.

That place is one of the must visit attraction for insta-worthy pictures!
God knows how many millions shot we've took there just to get one bloody perfect photo for the sake of Instagram.


*wipes sweat*

The entrance

This picture requires a lot of patience.

The place was packed with tourist. So in order, to get a decent solo photo is almost quite impossible.
You'll always get photobombed by some random tourists. (unless you climbed to the top of the shrine where most of the people will either be too lazy or too tired to continue.)

If you think I put quite an effort for this shot, kindly go like my Instagram photo.
(hahahaha sempat lagi nak promote. kbai)


Let's not divert our attention to my instagram topic okay (well I would really appreciate if you still do). haha

Along the way, there's many street food and you wouldn't want to miss this golden opportunity to feed your greedy tummy!

Beef steak. Memang sangat terbaik lah!
If I'm not mistaken it's 500JPY per stick?
Memang mahal gilerrr nak mati but super delicious lah.

Where we had our lunch.

Soba set lunch.

Next stop was Kiyomizu Temple.
This temple is one of the signature UNESCO World Heritage site in Kyoto.

3 oneesan with these cute girls in Kimono.

OMG aren't they super adorable.

Just a random photo with these girls in Kimono.

It's such a waste for not being able to dress up in a Kimono myself.
I'm looking forward to visit Japan again *hinting Mark*

Just take a look at the view.
*in love*

That's all for the first part of Kyoto.

Will try my best to blog more often.

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