Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet like sugar

1) Celebrated my Master's Birthday :)

I think I should stop using the word Master. It sounds like I'm in some sort of Anime right.
Where the maid is serving her Master in a super hot-kawaii-mini-maid-costume.
*nose bleeding*
Thank God my Master is a female :P

2) Ethics Course in KL

The 1 day course was tiring :(
Hopefully everything goes well.
The exam questions are very very tricky and confusing at the same time.
It's sad that we still have to sit for an exam even after graduation.

 The Royal Selangor Club


 Apple pie with condense milk (If I'm not mistaken) for desserts.

 Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce

Table Number 10

You can't choose who you want to sit with.
They will randomly put you with some other folks whom you don't even know who the hell they are.
My table was conquered by Females. 
But it was fun to get to know new faces.

3) New hobby

I'm having this new syndrome - collecting Starbucks card.

 Valentines version 

Maryam and I (our collections) 

Went to watch Here Comes Boom!

My dress is so cute! Make my ass looks out of shape.
I can have JLO's sexy ass too :D

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