Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant

There's another new Korean Restaurant in Melaka (I know lately there's a lot of Japanese and Korean Restaurant opening up in Melaka).

This one is called Che Go Korean BBQ which is located inside of AEON Jusco.
Not a free pork zone okay! hahaha :)

 Their branches around Malaysia.

 Chicken Spicy Noodle @ RM15

Salmon Fish Bibim Bap @ RM20

The food was quite okay.
Not to the extend to die for though.

Next is Sukiya.
Yet another new franchise in Jusco.

 Cheese Gyudon @ RM9.9

Opposite of Coffee Bean.

After that I visited El Wardrobe in Bukit Beruang.

A friend whom I'm not very close with just opened a boutique right beside Old Town.
She has one of the best clothes design to choose from.
Do stop by and give her a visit.
Chinese New Year is just around the corner. It's time to shop like a Boss.

Jr and I

Tribal Print Dress/Top with black leggings.
I love the dress but somehow it makes me look fatter :(

Love the colors and design

The sleeves are so special too!

Limbongan satay for supper!

KM and Stanley bought iPhone 5 on the same day!
Looks like they are upgrading to another level :P

 White and Black iPhone 5

It's actually quite nice wor.
I think I started to like iPhone 5 compared with 4S.

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