Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant

There's another new Korean Restaurant in Melaka (I know lately there's a lot of Japanese and Korean Restaurant opening up in Melaka).

This one is called Che Go Korean BBQ which is located inside of AEON Jusco.
Not a free pork zone okay! hahaha :)

 Their branches around Malaysia.

 Chicken Spicy Noodle @ RM15

Salmon Fish Bibim Bap @ RM20

The food was quite okay.
Not to the extend to die for though.

Next is Sukiya.
Yet another new franchise in Jusco.

 Cheese Gyudon @ RM9.9

Opposite of Coffee Bean.

After that I visited El Wardrobe in Bukit Beruang.

A friend whom I'm not very close with just opened a boutique right beside Old Town.
She has one of the best clothes design to choose from.
Do stop by and give her a visit.
Chinese New Year is just around the corner. It's time to shop like a Boss.

Jr and I

Tribal Print Dress/Top with black leggings.
I love the dress but somehow it makes me look fatter :(

Love the colors and design

The sleeves are so special too!

Limbongan satay for supper!

KM and Stanley bought iPhone 5 on the same day!
Looks like they are upgrading to another level :P

 White and Black iPhone 5

It's actually quite nice wor.
I think I started to like iPhone 5 compared with 4S.


alyah farina said...

So, about the chego korean bbq restaurant is halal? Can the muslim go and dine there?

Ruby Ong said...

It doesn't serve pork but I'm not sure whether the meats served are slaughtered according to halal manner or not.

AT said...

Thanks for your respond Ruby

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