Saturday, February 18, 2012

I smell freedom! Temporarily.

I'm back into business bebeh.
So sorry for the lack of updates. Had been so busy with my final exams lately.
Exams are over now and I'm having at least 3 weeks of holiday.
I'll try my very best to update often okay.

As for my papers, I screwed 2 papers out of 5. Hopefully I can survive.

Yesterday was the last day of examination.
Normally I would feel happy but then, that feeling wasn't there.
I had mixed feelings of worrisome and confusion. Worried about the results and confused whether I should feel happy or sad.

Anyway I should just enjoy this 3 weeks and start worrying once the results are out.

Whole bunch of us (Mark, Amirul. Nicole, Hawe, Stanley, KM, Danny and I) went to D Tandoori House for lunch right after exam.

It's been quite some time since we had such gathering. Miss those moments. But then since Nicole and Stanley just got into a relationship, they were busy with their another half and abandoned us.
Aih what to do?
Newly wed mah. HAHAHA!

Went to Coffee Bean with Mark after lunch for some quality time.
Busy talking about random stuffs.

The tired looking me.

Slept for 2 hours only just for the sake of memorizing cases. Ended up never even wrote a single case during exam. FML!

Went to town during the night to watch Safe House.
The movie is nice except that the quality of the filming is not that good.

Went to the Arcade before the movie started.


Kenny Rogers for lunch somewhere between the past 2 weeks.
I've lost track with the dates now.
Thanks to the exam syndrome, where i've lost touch with the dates and day.
Everyday seems like a Hell Day to me.

I was so busy camwhoring with the mirror with various poses and I did not realize that the waiter was standing there and when I noticed his existence he was smiling at me when he saw me being so crazily 'syok sendiri'.
Ahhhh so shy!!!!

Love the macaroni and cheese from KR. The cheese is so cheesy and fattening but undoubtedly freaking delicious.


Dinner in Stone Grill :)

Well I can't remember what had happened for the past 2 weeks :(
So there's nothing much for me to blog except for posting some food pictures.
I know you guys are tired of looking at food pictures right?
I shall come up with a more interesting post next time.

LOL!!! The killer face.

My salmon spaghetti. Yummeh :)

Bumped into JR, KC, Karen, Wern and Elaine there. They were doing some revision in Starbucks.

After dinner, we went there for a drink.


Shall update soon for my Valentines Day post.
Stay tune.


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