Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Valentine.

Celebrated my belated Valentines Day on the 17th of February.

The boy drove me around town for almost 2 hours before heading to our dating point.

By 8pm we arrived in Casa Del Rio. It was a surprised because I didn't expect him to make a reservation there.

We had our dinner in River Grill.

The romantic part was that our table was separated from the others. Which means we have the whole place for ourselves :)
At first I thought that place was empty because it was during the weekdays. I don't see any customers beside Mark and I. But when we left the restaurant I noticed that everyone were being placed at the other side of the restaurant.

How romantic is that?
So we had the whole place for just the two of us.

Love the environment. It's very relaxing and a romantic place for those who wants to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

 Present from him :)

Was reading his card and I almost cried because it was so touching :(
Thanks sweetheart.


Salt and pepper soft crab

This is very delicious :)
The price is very nice as well.

Stuffed Roulade of Chick

Morrocan Lamb

Everything was perfect that night.
Wonderful companion, great environment, perfect music, delicious food.

Words can't describe how I felt that night.
Just let the pictures do the talking alright.

Overall I had a very great night.
Thanks for everything :)

For Him

From Him <3


That's how I celebrated my Valentine's Day.

Love you.

PS: Happy 4 years annislavery :)

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