Monday, January 2, 2012

Xmas Eve and New Year Eve celebration countdown for 2011

I would like to wish all of you Happy 2012 and may this year be a better year than before.

It's not too late to blog about my Christmas and New Year Eve celebration. Had been very busy lately. This semester is by far the busiest one so far. Can't wait for it to be over. One months left before finals and I'm going to have roughly about 2 or 3 weeks worth of short holiday. And I'm happy to say that it takes another semester before I'm officially graduating (provided hopefully I'll pass this semester).

This Christmas eve celebration was rather simple and plain compared to previously. There were four of us only and we went to watch Don 2. What an experience. To watch a Hindi movie on a Christmas eve was something that I couldn't have imagine. However the movie was great. Thank God there's only like one song with dancing in it or else Mark's gonna commit suicide. hahahaa. It worth our money because it was 2 and half hour long movie. The reason why they want to watch that movie was because Shah Rukh Khan actually acted in Melaka's prison which was located in Sungai Udang area. The prison was quite nice as it was still brand new.

Fikry loves the movie so damn much. He kept playing the song in his laptop over and over again without fail, each and every time when I visited them. *smack forehead*

After movie, we went to Secret Recipe for dinner since we got no other option. Everywhere was fully packed with people.

Our dinner was very simple that night.
Not that delicious.
I'm not a fan of Secret Recipe's food except for their cakes.

My Grilled Mushroom Chicken

Mark's Chicken Cordon Bleu

Fikry's Prawn Macaroni Cheese (fattening)

Haha! I'm promoting him. He is single and available. Any girls interested? He's funny and lame at the same time but still acceptable. He's a very loyal guy and a game addict as well.
Those interested please drop a comment or message. Thank you.

Disgusting guys especially fikry. My God. lol

That's how we celebrated our Christmas :)

Pressie from Mark *hearts*
Thanks a lot sayang. I love it so much.


Had a paper on the 29th of December.
Went Tutti Frutti after that to celebrate.
Anyway they are going to open another branch in Dataran soon.

So that's the end of my midterm papers.
I'm left with one more assignment and gotta prepare for finals which is about a month away.

A day before New Year Eve I fell sick. What a bad sign to start my new year. Thankfully I've recovered the following day.
Was sleeping the whole day on the 31st December. Woke up around 4pm. Thanks to the medicine which made me felt so weak and sleepy. I thought I'll spend my day staying at home. Luckily I recovered in the evening and we (Nicole and I) came up with a plan of having dinner in town.

Lots of thing happened in between while waiting for that princess to reach town. We promised to meet up at 9pm but knowing her attitude and her 'kelembapan' she reached there almost 10pm. And she blamed Fikry for not fetching her. HAHAHAHA!
The true story was that she was unable to reverse the car and as a result someone have to walk all the way to her place just to reverse the car. LOL!

At the meantime, Amirul, Fikry, my brother and I were enjoying window shopping. Amirul the poor self-proclaim poor dude bought a new converse shoes that cost him more than RM200. Rich bastard! hahaha :P
Stop stealing people's food since you're that rich okay Amirul!

Camwhoring while waiting for the other 3 slowpokes to arrive.

Went to The Friends Cafe for dinner.

Someone bought the cute devil headband and wand just for camwhoring purposes. I wonder who was that stupid fella who waste money on it. hahaha.

O__O kids will cry if they see this picture.

Looks a little bit like Encik Satan from Dragon Ball. hahahahaha! creepy.


Our dinner:-

Free Macaron from the house since the boss knew us very well.

I didn't expect that we will go for a drink assuming that Stanley was in KL. However he managed to reach back Melaka on time. So we met up in The Library.

The view there was awesome. Just that it was freaking hot. No air-conditioner except for ceiling fans only. You gotta be kidding me man.

The place was so packed and i sweat profusely.

Stanley teaching Fikry how to shuffle.

Ordered 2 towers and the beers in The Library is more expensive than Overtime.

The Madly in Love couple.

Cheers to welcome 2012.

Had a very great night with them. However I felt a little bit sad since the smelly Mark is not there to celebrate with me :(

But he did make it up to me by celebrating with me the following day soon after he got back from KL.
Lap euuu.
Shall blog about that soon, since I haven't collect the pictures from Marky's camera.

Anyway this year celebration was fun and I'm glad that we managed to celebrate together. Maybe this will be our final year celebrating countdown together as students. The next time we will be celebrating as an adult or as working people. Provided the world doesn't end this year la. Heh.

I wish all of you a healthy and prosperous new year in this year of Dragon.
If I'm not mistaken, couple of weeks ago, I read the money feng shui for Snakes zodiac will not be as good as the previous year.
So all the best to us, snakes.

Till then.
Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year.

That's how he started his New Year :)

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