Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa is coming to town


The very first time hanging out with them.
It's fun though.
Especially with Jason's deep loud voice (red jacket guy).

Up Up here we go :)
He does look like the cute little fat boy from UP cartoon.
hehehehehe :)


Went for some light snack before the movie starts.
The hungry Jason who is trying to ask the kakak whether he can get free extra cheese.
Kesian, his skills doesn't work on her. LOL
Better luck next time boy.

We went to watch Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol.
The movie is seriously damn good.
The technology used by them was super duper freaking awesome to the max.

After movie, we went to D Tandoori House again for dinner.
Jason was craving for it. Same goes to Mark.


Stylo Mylo

Had a great outing with them.
We should do that more often.
And more camwhoring please :)



A day trip to KL.

We reached Pavillion around 11.45am and the very first place we visited : Bookstore
Gosh so hardworking right?

Found this teddy which I love so much.
The head so cute leh.
but too sad he's not willing to buy for me :(

Love this Tokyo Street concept.

Doodoll mascot

Went to Subway for lunch at 12pm+.

I had Turkey while Mark had Tuna. RM12+ each. Ala-carte.

Our very first time trying. Not bad. The fun thing is that you can choose what you want to put in it.

After we recharged ourselves, shopping time BEGINS!

First we walked around the entire Pavillion.

Then we headed to UNIQLO. Nothing much there.

Next we went to Fahrenheit. A new shopping mall I believe.

Then we headed to Lot 10 and to Sungai Wang and then to Times Square.
What a healthy way of travelling.
I can feel that I've become slightly slimmer from all those walks (temporarily)

However, after all those shopping, we started to feel tired and the boy couldn't resist himself from eating.
Went to Wendy's for tea time.
hahahaha. Heavy tea time around 3pm.

Almost RM30 if I'm not mistaken.

He's the only one eating. I only had ice cream and some nuggets.
*jaga badan* *konon-nya*

The tired and greedy boy lol.

Love the ice cream. Very smooth and creamy *hearts*

More Christmas decorations.

Owh and I saw Tun Mahathir right in front of my eyes. Wanted to take a picture with him. Too bad, no luck. Super popular. Lots of people taking pictures with him.

Finally we had our dinner in TGIF.
It's all about food baby.
That was our main purpose for the trip.
Of course with my shopping spree and Christmas decorations are part of the purpose as well :)

We had Tennesse Steak for dinner.

@ RM 56.90

Bought some snacks.
Am a big fan of snacks.

M&M's @ RM12.9
Snickers @ RM 14.9

Green Peas KitKat @RM 8

O____O seriously damn expensive.

I spend roughly RM100+ just on food and junk foods that day #Like a Boss

Bought 3 pairs of tops before heading back to Melaka.
Overall I had a great time with you in KL :)

It wasn't a bad idea after all.
We didn't expect that it would be this fun despite just the two of us.
Well what can I say?
I'm a very interesting girl anyway.
I talked non-stop from Melaka to Pavillion and throughout the whole shopping until the time we reached back Melaka.


Mock Trial Meeting with the group mates.
My group mates are all wonderful people.
They are funny and bubbly. But when it comes to work, we are all very serious people.

Except for this baboon :P


It was raining the whole day yesterday.
Wanted to skip class but it made me feel so bad by doing so.

I was acting as Mark's driver yesterday.
Brought him here and there #Like a Slave

Went McD for lunch and got myself Alvin toys :)

Went to Sushi King for dinner and then went to town to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

The movie was okay. Suitable for kids. hahaha.

PS: Two days more before Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone :)

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