Friday, December 2, 2011

Little Miss Chubby

1) D' Tandoori House

Looks like some kind of serial rapist. hahahaha!

The problem faced by Mark and I is that when we like something, we will tend to go that particular place to eat very often until we finally got bored with it, then only we will stop. Hah!

So this was my 3rd time eating in D' Tandoori House.

2) Gigantic Birthday Card

On Tuesday, had my Evidence exam and I think I screwed the midterm.

Had dinner in Sushi King and thought of skipping the night class but then we saw 'the light' and decided to just attend the class despite the fact that I only had couple of hours worth of sleep the day before.

In class, Tharshini bought a super big Birthday Card by using the money she collected from our class. That card was for Professor Dworkin 80th Birthday. He is an American philosopher and his debate between Hart was one of the hot topic for my Jurisprudence I subject.

So to show some appreciation of his hard work, we've decided to send him a card. However this was Dr Myint's idea (Our Jurisprudence lecturer). So we need to give him extra credit for the brilliant idea.

Anyway, we had some extra cash from the contribution made by my fellow course mates, so we might be celebrating a small party with some potato chips with it. hahahaha. How cute.

That's my cute Professor.

Just look at the size of the card. How I wish someone could buy me that super big card for my Birthday too.

3) Sales

There's a Padini Sales last week. Instead of studying, I wasted my time in AEON Jusco. Took me almost 20 minutes just to find a parking there. Made me so frustrated okay. It was supposed to be a stress therapy for me due to all the studying but turned out to make things even worst.

Had lunch/dinner in Station Kopitiam since we have no freaking idea where to eat. That was our last resort.
I entered into Padini and it was oh-my-gosh-moment. It was so damn packed. Thank God Mark tried to save my soul from being dragged into the 'black hole' and hence my pocket was saved. Fuh! Or else I am going to shop like mad. hahaha.

But then again, there's nothing particular that caught my eyes. I think the shopping mall is trying to save me as well. However I did managed to get a pair of cardigan for myself.

Some Christmas performances by the kids.

Just by looking at the Christmas tree lifted up my spirit.

Besides that, there's a second outlet for Chatime in Melaka. This Franchise is spreading super duper fast in Malaysia. That day was their Opening day as well. We stopped by to quench our thirst.

4) Snack Freak

Had my second paper yesterday. I have no idea whether I'm on the right track for it but somehow it seems quite simple. Thanks to all the tutorial questions. I've been a very good girl this semester. I tried to 'at least' answer several questions and thanks to that I am able to draft the letters. Though not perfect, but close to perfect. hahahahaha! Joking!

After exam, we had several classes and after classes, Ying Le and I went to Jusco for some window shopping. Lately I fell in love with a handbag from Carlo Rino. I am not a big fan of Carlo Rino because most of their designs were not my cup of tea. But this new arrival one really got my attention. The sad thing was that the price was a little bit higher than what I've expected. Even though I know CR's price is considered as one of the most acceptable designer handbags compared to those like LV, Prada, Burberry, Gucci and the list can go on and on and on. Plus if you know me well, I'm the type who prefer to get a cheap handbags range from RM60-150 only and to use it for like couple of months only and then throw it away and buy a new one O___O
Yes I know this may sound ridiculous but that's what I love to do always. So if I were to buy a slightly better and more expensive handbag, then in that case I would have to stick with IT only. Unless I was born from a filthy rich family then this wouldn't be an issue in the first place. However I'm not. So that's the thing.

Some of you might not know this fact but the truth is I don't take a single cent from my parents at all despite the fact that I am still a student. Yes true story.

Okay but back to the main point, can you see the real reason why this topic was being brought up in the first place? It's the month of December now. Christmas is just around the corner. So *coughs*



My slapableface. I got over excited because Mamee Monster is giving out free stickers for every purchase. There are several types of stickers and I want the Christmas sticker so Ying Le and I raped each and every packet just to peep what sticker was inside ._____.

We actually did that for about 10 minutes.

Thanks for the help Ying Le. hahaha. Both of us looked like some sort of weirdo over there. hahaha.

Ended up I got this instead. So much for the effort.

My partner in crime ;)

Our main aim was just to look at the handbag but ended up we bought snacks -_______-

Then I had dinner in one of our favorite spot which is 'Kedai Belakang' or also known as Backgate Shop. That's not the name of course. Mark created the name. That's just because the place was so isolated and it was located at the back. hahahaha

Had Nasi Taliban and it is D'Bomb yaw! I really love it so much. Cost only RM4.5 per plate. I shall take picture of it next time.

After dinner, I felt like eating Tutti Frutti for dessert.

Dessert that cost me 3 times more expensive than my dinner.

5) Indian Restaurant

Mark is getting scarier. Every time when he opens his mouth, be it for lunch or dinner, his suggestions would be - Indian food.
So this time we tried this Indian Restaurant which was located near MMU Corner area
I forgot what's the name of the Restaurant.
However, the food is good. Very delicious. The price is also acceptable.

I had Mango Lassi which was a yogurt drink with Mango flavor.
And a set meal.
As for Mark he had separate dishes.

Mango Lassi @ RM 4.0

Mutton Set Meal @ RM 7.50

This is damn nice and the price is super affordable. Remember, it is mutton we are talking about.

6) Puss in Boots

I've wanted to watch this movie since the day it was released but thanks to my midterm exam, I have to postponed my plan. Oh wait, I choose to watch Happy Feet 2 over this movie in the first place. hahahahaha!!!

Had 8am class this morning. After class, went to a Mamak shop to hang out with the guys - Amirul, Haasyief, Mark, Danial, Nizam, Kai Choy, Fikry and Mahendran.

Discussed about the latest political issues in Malaysia.
For once I felt that I am having a serious conversation. hahahaha.
I think I am slightly more mature now compared to yesterday :P

Went to watch Puss in Dataran together with Mark and Fikry.

I love Puss accent. Damn nice :D
Plus he damn cute especially he tries to act all innocent and cute with the big wet watery eyes.

After the movie, we went to EE JI BAN chicken rice shop near Melaka Raya for lunch.

15 Rice Balls @ RM 4.50

 Cili Garam Sotong (small) @ RM 12.0
Very nice :)

Baby Kai Lan (small) @ RM 6.0

Chicken breast for 3 people @ RM 12.0

Sambal Udang Petai (small) @ RM 16.0
Very nice. But the amount super little .___.

I looked chubby here T_____T

Honestly, the amount we ordered, can be easily finished by one person. The quantity is very small and the price is quite expensive. But the food is undoubtedly tasty :)

While we were eating half way, the rain started to pour down heavily.
There goes my Friday.

I'm having 3 more papers and 5 assignments untouched.
No more lepaking that often :(
Plus need to save money for my Christmas present from me to me myself :(
A bit sad lor.


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