Sunday, December 18, 2011

Good Life

Had been very very busy lately. The older you get, the busier you'll be.
Saying this made me feel that I'm already this old.

When I was in the secondary school, I used to pray that I could grew old faster. In order to see the world.
But now I wish that I could be younger (just for appearance only)

Anyway, I just had my fourth midterm paper for this semester. Just one more paper to go. Then I can fully focus on the assignments and also the preparation for the Mock Trial. I am so excited for it. I've been given the role as a surgeon and I'll be one of the Plaintiff's witnesses. *muka bangga*

Basically I've been staying at home for the whole week. Been busy with tutorials and also midterm exams.
So here's what I did for the past 2 weeks since my last update.

1) Ajisen

Went to this Ajisan Ramen restaurant for dinner in the past 2 weeks.

Crispy Gyoza a.k.a fried dumpling @RM 10.80

Tomato Chicken Ramen @RM 14.80

Pork Curry Ramen @RM15.80

Pork Cutlet Ramen @RM16.80

My Cha Shu Ramen @RM17.80

The food is nice. Just that their services are super slow.

Lately, people have been crazy about this game.
There are about 4 machines being installed in AEON.
And each round only cost you RM1 and this is where it attracts people to play it.

There's 2 types of machine. One is where the dolls are quite big and the other one is pretty tiny. The tip is that, opt for the smaller one because the big dolls are too heavy and hence it's gonna waste your money only.
Because the thing will drop before you can even lift it up. hahaha!

Just look at the amount of people playing.
Most importantly they are adults. Not only adults but old folks o___o
There's this one kid who changed at least more than RM100 just to get 2 dolls.
Like what the fuck?
You can get a better one with that money kiddo.

Bumped into my cousin there and she got this Hello Kitty as her catch.
Kinda cute right?
The quality of the soft toys are not bad actually.

Bought this Gingerbread Christmas Tree cookie for the sake of Christmas mood.
Wanted to buy a turkey but ZOMG!!! RM100 for a turkey. So I changed my mind.

Hello Kitty cupcakes :)

2) Talk from Malacca Bar

The 3 speakers a.k.a lawyers

Awww Miss Mages is so cute. Look at their height differences. hehehehe. It makes her even more adorable.
I love you so much Miss Mages :)

She's my Law of Evidence  lecturer for the past 2 semesters. She is also the head of the Law Faculty currently.

Faces of all future lawyers to be. *coughs* hopefully lah :P

Eh my hair is longer now T___T
I'm so happy. OMG!!!


A new pub & bistro in Melaka Raya area.
The concept was based on ala-prison-style.

Mark and I went there just to try it out.
The concept is pretty interesting.
Whenever you need their services, just press the button and there's a police siren.
hehehe. Very creative.
But their services during that day was pretty sucks.
Despite having quite a number of workers, but then the service was so slow.

We had Prisoner of War pizza to suit the concept. WTF!

According to the menu there's a mixture with chili padi. But I don't taste any chili padi in the pizza at all.
Actually I only realized there's chili padi in the menu.
We ordered it without reading the contents of it. Pakai order saja based on the name.
tsk tsk tsk.

Thank God it's not spicy.
Where got combination of pizza with chili padi lah?
Got meh??

 The size damn tiny lor! The taste was average.

Ice Blended Longan @RM 6.88

Hot Honey Lemon @RM 4.88 (very nice)

Went to watch Arthur Christmas after lunch.

Love the movie so much. The graphic was so cool. I am really amazed by their skills in producing such a remarkably high quality cartoons.

Mixture of happiness and sadness.
I love Christmas.

4) Sweet Chills

Melaka has been developing fast right now.
Before this, I blogged about Tutti Frutti that came to town.
Now we also have Sweet Chills Frozen Yogurt in Melaka.

The price is slightly cheaper than Tutti Frutti.
They have more varieties for toppings but only 4 types of yogurt ice cream flavors.

The taste was pretty much the same with Tutti.
Oh yea, it is located in AEON Jusco. Somewhere nearby Secret Recipe.
Plus we also have another Chatime Franchise there.

(left) Mark's and (right) mine.
@RM 18.63 for both
I have gummy bears on it <3

5) Ferrero Rocher

Thanks for the chocolate :)

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