Monday, November 8, 2010

Choc dip mallow

4 days ago I've been working in MITC for the ECOM Fair again :)
It was tiring okay. I hurt my thighs since Friday and as a result I couldn't even walk properly.

Well I personally thinks that he looks sort of like Ming Dao, my taiwan celebrity crush *hearts*
Just that Ming Dao is more good looking la of course :P

The nose and eye brows looked pretty alike. hahahaha. but the eyes totally not.

During the 4 days of work, we had McD and Pizza for lunch. The remaining days we had various types of food and the suckiest one was Nasi goreng from a malay stall in MITC which cost RM6 which has nothing inside except nasi goreng, cili padi, 2-3 small keping sotong, 2 tiny piece of chicken which is super tiny, tinier than my finger nails o.O and also 1 fried egg. Gosh! Exploited to the max wtf!

By the way today my group managed to sell 100 pieces of bread for the fund raising project :)

Do buy marshmallow from me tomoro all right.


1 comment:

Nic said...

hahah u should noe la who is in ur group XD

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