Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simple yet so hard

Ever since my new semester started I've been very very busy almost every day. I'm so used to with my life where I rotted in front of my computer all day long watching animes. Therefore this changes eventually effect a part of me.

So it was Saturday and it was supposed to be the day for me to stay at home enjoying my life resting in my room with nothing much to worry except for midterms but that's not the case. I know I'm not as busy as other people but still I'm out of my comfort zone therefore I can be emotional very easily.

So like I said, it was Saturday yesterday and it was the day where I'm supposed to use it 'wisely' such as studying *ehem* as if I can. Well okay maybe not that, but still it is Saturday :P
Plus I'm having 2 midterms this coming Friday and another 2 the following week. Screw my life :(
And I haven't even touch a single thing. I wonder how am I supposed to cope up with all the studying.
To make things worst, its the 6 week starting from tomorrow onwards. Damn! Time do fly super fast this semester :(

So I woke up at 8.30am just to visit campus (I would love to stay away from campus as much as I can) to meet up with the Statutes supplier. Yeah you might be wondering, who the hell deals with this kinda stuffs on Saturday la right?
Especially me who stays 10km away from campus and imagine driving there for the sole purpose of distributing the Statutes for charity sake! Oh boy talking about it makes my blood all boiled up. Thank God the guys were there to help me to carry all the Statutes or else I swear I am gonna leave the books by the roadside and just walk away.

Thanks to Kai Choy especially. For carrying all the heavy books into my car T________T
I don't know what I will do if you were not there to help me :(
Thanks a lot dear :)

So I was in campus from 11.10am up to 2pm. Just to wait for students to take their Statutes. Haiizzz you see la. How pity I was. The weather was freaking hot and I was sweating like crazy and to add my misery, I need to go campus again at 4pm+ to deliver Statutes again for another group of people. So right after 2pm, I went Jusco for lunch. I was very very hungry at that time and I was shaking okay. Imagine sitting under the hot weather thinking of how to carry the Statutes really made me hungry.

 To treat my poor little tummy, we went to have Steamboat for lunch :D

The mutton tasted so good I tell you!
I had curry while the unknown fella had tom yam. The tom yam was good T___T
ps: unknown fella is being unknown coz I don't feel like revealing 'its' name

After lunch we slack there for awhile and off we went back to Campus at 4.10pm. FML!
Waited there until almost 5pm just to deliver the Statutes again. Think I so free izit. haiz.
Right after that we drove down town hoping to do something fun but ended up got nothing better else to do. Owhh I did saw something fun which ables to make my day but unfortunately I'm unable to get cool vest from Kitschen. Its RM 79.90 only T______________T but I am far too broke to buy it for myself.

So because of that I got emo again :(

Showing sad and sympathetic face can't get any sympathy from 'it'
So I went back empty handed :(
Contributes to my sucky day. I hate going back home empty handed :(

Then we headed to MITC for the EKSPO FAIR that was being held there. Wow there were crazy lots of people and most of the exhibitions were furniture. Of course la I won't be able to shop there. All cost few thousands and above T______________________T
but there's a shop where they sell wigs and hair extensions though. I wanted to stop there but was too shy for getting a bad impression from some random lame passers by o.O
Later they thought I bald and need those stuff T______________________T
I'm not bald okay. My hair damn thick berkilo-kilo berat nyer.

Should I get a hair cut? You don't have to answer my question.
Even if you give me an answer I will come up with 1001 reasons/excuses to defeat your answer.
Yes i am lame like that :)

So overall I am not enjoying my day except for my lunch :)

Here's some updates on my boyfriend.
I miss him so much T__________________________T
He transforms into a cutie to a macho man :P
Owhh and he has teeth now :D

OH MY GOD!!!! How cute is that? Round juicy headed baby monster. His hair had grown. He was baby baldy before this. hahahahaha let me find a picture of him when he was bald.

Ahh here it is when he was baby baldy :D
Looks like a baby junior monk. hahahaha

Can't wait to see you soon boyfie *hearts*

Gotta run peeps.

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