Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally its over bebeh :D

So I'm done with my mooting crapz shiatz!

We lost the case but my partner got the best oralist.
Oh well at least we did our best.

It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. hehehehe
I was super happy that it has finally come to an end. No need to gan jeong about being tembak from the judge.

Here's a picture of me and my moot partner. teehee

By the time the judgment was given, it was about 4pm and it ends around 4.10pm I guess.
Headed to Ixora food court to accompany Jeff for a late brunch. Then accompany another group of people which consist of Stanley, Boon Keong, Danny, Mark, Li Han, Kin Ming and Brendan for lunch but ended up Mark and I cabut dulu. We planned to meet up in Jusco for lunch as Ixora food court only have 1 stall selling food. Very limited choices. Knowing Stanley's attitude, he asked Mark and I to go first and he will catch us up later but being TYPICAL stanley. He ffk us -______-

So it's just us. Two of us. We walked aimlessly from MP to DP and from DP to new Jusco and from Jusco to Tesco. hahahahaha

We went Tesco just to buy ice cream even when it was raining heavily outside o.O

The ice cream is very nice :D
Considered quite cheap la. RM19 for 6. After dividing it, it cost like RM3+ each only.

Few days ago, we went to eat the XXL chicken and that was the very first time Mark tried it.
He ate it like a small kid.

Plus I didn't know Boon Keong has a very big appetite. hahaha. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Till then.

Signing off by,

OMG look like pinkaholic chinese ghost!


Sorry for the fat face.


Ash said...

Wow this the 1st time I see a picture of you wearing formal. :D

Looks nice! XD

ruby said...

hah thanks :)

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