Tuesday, May 20, 2014

15th Anniversary Luncheon

Back in the month of April, the firm which I am currently working with were celebrating their 15th Anniversary.

I am very glad to be part of Bala Gopal & Associates family.

A day before our luncheon, we went for some lucky gifts shopping. Well, everyone is lucky because there is a gift for each of us.

Delicious Boot-y

Shower gel! Smells super good. I wished I got these instead :(

Prepared by Miss Ruby.

Had our buffet lunch at Equatorial Hotel.

Kak Ros (left) and Kak Yan (right)

Abang Rawi

And here are pictures of my food.
Please drool now! lol

I think I've gained a kilogram for eating all these sinfully delicious food.
*guilty pleasure*

And a picture with Miss Tam in it :)

And with Mr Steven. From coursemate to colleague.
It feels good to have familiar faces working together under one roof.

Here's our lucky draw prize giving time.

Last but not least, our group photo with the Big Boss :)

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