Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's your number?


Nature Republic is having sales up to 70%
On-going until 1st of January 2013.

The only item that attracts my attention is their lipstick.
The original price is RM17.90 and they are having 70% which cost you only about RM5.40 each.
The size is not that big and not that small.
Suitable for those who loves to buy a number of lipsticks just for the sake of buying.
In that way, you wouldn't get bored with the colors. As it tends to finish slightly faster compared to the normal rouge size.

The color is not too thick and striking.
It is quite light.

 From Left: (code: M23, C37 and G09) I bought two G09

M23 reminds me of Nicki Minaj because the color of that lipstick is something like the picture below.
I love the color. But it just doesn't seem that good on my skin complexion.
So, every time I applied it on my lips, I'll make sure that I'll apply another color to blend them together.


Celebrated a junior's Birthday in Kensington with a bunch of old folks seniors (consist of KM, Nicole, Oon, and Brendan) lol.

hashtag forever young!


Lepaking session with my new lepak kaki slash colleague slash new babe in town.

 The sweet and pretty Siti Maryam.


Jessie treated us lunch in the office.
Sarpino's pizza is actually way nicer than Pizza Hut and Domino.
And I personally thinks that it is also better compared to US Pizza.
My boss prefer US Pizza. But I'm not a big fan of US Pizza.

You guys should try Sarpino.


Sarpino’s Pizzeria Melaka

Lot G-5, Ground Floor, Jaya 99, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang , Melaka 75100


Watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with the boyfie.
It was 2 and a half hour long movie.
I love the movie. The most impact given was when Bilbo met Gollum.
I used to be afraid of Gollum when I watched Lord of the Rings because of the way he looks.
Worst than Japanese horror movie okay!

I did not read the book so I couldn't understand why he kept calling 'precious' in the movie The Hobbit.
But after reading the synopsis, now i know who is 'precious'.
Precious is actually the gold ring. And Gollum is having an identity disorder where he will switch characters all the time. Which makes it even more creepier. Bipolar freak.

Ohh and Gollum used to be one of the Hobbits before he was transformed into a Gollum (the effect and influence of the Ring).

For a better understanding, read this link below.

It actually tells you the entire story about Gollum's life.
Whether it has the same story line with the Trilogy or not, I have no freaking idea.
I can't remember clearly about the movie - Lord of The Rings (about 10 years ago punya movie) How to remember la kan?


As I'm typing this post, it's 20/12/12 which means if the prediction of certain group of people are true based on the Mayan Calendar, then this shall be my last post. lol.

But I'm 150% sure that you'll be able to read my interesting blog even after 21st of December 2012.
*confident giler*

Plus Christmas is just around the corner.
Can't wait to celebrate it ;)

I've gotten my very first xmas gift from Maryam.
So lovely. Will post it up soon.
Thanks a lot babe *winks*


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