Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oh My December!

Last weekend, most of the Melaka Chambee went back to MMU!!
CLC room surely does bring back lots of memories.
They improvise the surroundings by 20% after we left Uni.
They chopped off almost every living trees that you can find in the Uni so that it's easier for them (tak payah upah orang bersihkan daun yang gugur) but it makes the place even hotter like nobody's business.

CLC room still looks the same except for the tiles (I think).
The room is as cold as north pole. Just like always.

So, instead of sleeping like a baby on a Saturday. I had to wake up early in the morning so that I could attend MyConstiCampaign organized by the MyConstiCampaign team together with the Melaka Bar committee.
The entire room was filled with smart, outspoken, brave juniors from MMU first and second year batch.
Please give them a round of applause.

 Most of the groups, without fail, said that Money is one of the source to have a quality of life. 

The campaign lasted for about 3 and a half hours. And I almost died along the way for being unable to pee. hahahahahaha!
I was put in the middle of the room, surrounded by juniors and hence I'm so shy to ask them to make way Bladder hampir tercabut keluar :P

 Complimentary light brunch (because it was almost 2pm)

Headed to Sushi King for late lunch.


Arisan came out with a new SUPERSIZED SAUSAGE!
And we tried the Cheese sausage.

RM3.90 (taste quite good)

 Arisan's version of snowflakes @ RM4.50

 Christmas Mood is back! Can't wait to receive Xmas gifts :D

 I had a streak of purplish hair, thanks to the lighting. Weee~

 McD for dinner. And it was my very first time trying out Prosperity Burger.
Which means Chinese New Year is coming soon. Triple the weeee weee weee~~

I can officially scare everyone off for the bad breathe (thanks to the big onions)
*stinky alert*

 Had a mug of super duper humongous hot chocolate. My first time ever ordering this.
The mug is so huge okay!

As we all know, it's the month of December. Which means - YEAR END SALES!!!!
Mahkota is having their sales too.
IN2IT are having cheap sales for their products.
I have never ever tried their products before. And I'm also not a big fan of makeups. I mean, I do love makeups but I'm not crazy enough to spend a large amount of money on expensive items (that's because I'm stingy like that!) hahaha.
I rather spend RM100 for a nice meal (which eventually I'm going to shit it out back on the same day lol), instead of RM100 on a makeup product.
Different people have different style of spending their money okay.

So back to the main topic. They were having sales up till the 9th of December 2012 (which is tomorrow).
I got myself a red color lipstick because the bf said it looks sexy.

Left: Nature Republic (code: RD 407) glittering pink color; and 
Right: IN2IT (code: MR 02) cognac color.
IN2IT lipstick cost me RM6 only! (ori price about RM19.90)
I wanted to get other colors but they only have 2 colors available.
The other one was in striking pink which looks like lady gaga-ish and I don't think it suits me.

As for the Nature Republic, I bought that quite some time ago. Saja je post the picture of it together with the IN2IT, to make it looks nicer. hahahahaa wtf!

Besides that, they also sell eye liners, foundation, nail polish and etc.
Tunggu apa lagi? Let's visit Mahkota now and grab those items as much as you can (while stock last).

I'm done with crapping. Have fun reading. Adios.

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