Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's the Sushi Bonanza week and we (Nicole, Ivan and I) planned to have em' for dinner but the line was so effing long O_O
Trust me the line is way longer than that because i only managed to take quarter picture of it. hah!

While waiting for them to arrive, i sat there waiting and this little girl kept running around like nobody's business. She's very cute lor. So i don't mind cute creature being annoying because they are just so cute :D
But if some not cute random little kids running around here and there shouting, i'll get irritated one lor O_O

Yeap i am cute-sism. I only like cute stuff. Those who are not cute, sorry la yah :P

Once both of them reached, we headed to Pizza instead. Bye Bye RM2 per plate sushi T_____________T

Trying to act cute but failed :P

Didn't even try to act cute but looked cute :P hahahahaha joking joking

Oh well, girls will always be girls :P

Overall had a nice dinner and window shopping. I wanna have Sushi King next time T________T
I just don't understand, why people so tam chiak (greedy). Wanna eat sushi when there's mad discount (I'm not one of them okay) HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Oklah i have to go campus now. Got mooting oral submission presentation T_____________T
I just hope i can answer my Lord's question. Please don't shoot me T_______________T
I'm just a weak creature with a high risk of suffering from a heart attack. Please do not contribute to my death.

 blueberry cheese tart

Signing off with a peace pose :)

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