Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday CK

Went to Amboi for lunch today in order to celebrate CK's birthday :)

It's totally in striking green color therefore it is very easy to spot this nyonya restaurant in Melaka Raya area.

We were waiting for the others to arrive coz we promised to meet there at 1.30pm, however like i always said in my previous post until i got fed up already. MALAYSIA TIMING mahhhhh!!

While waiting, we decided to camwhore :)

We bought that tinkerbell's party hat for CK :) coz we think it will looked cute on him LOL.

The Birthday boy together with his lovely wife, oops i mean lovely girlfriend :)
They reached on time, luckily. The only people that i wanna stare at would be Stanley Ting because he reached at effing 2.10pm lor!

There were 10 of us including Choon, Guo Chen, Stanley, Danny and Jasle.

After we are done eating, it's time to sing birthday song and since it is che kang's special 21st Birthday, we decided to get him a cute powerpuff girls cake :D

HAHAHAHAHAHA comel gila kan?

Who says it must be Secret Recipe cake in order for it to taste nice? This cake from Italy bakery shop taste very delicious sehingga menjilat jari lor i tell you!!!

CK was very very very happy because he is a big fan of powerpuff girls.

See la this fella, havent blow candle or sing song or cut cake, he already open his present. Tak sabar-sabar.

Birthday Boy making a wish

Time for him to pull the candles out from the cake. It's a tradition i guess? Ok maybe not. This is the first time i see my friends ever did that right in front of me. I do not encourage people to do this because it will only pollute the cake :P hahahahahaha

The whole part of infected cake was given to Chek Kang. Nobody dares to eat it. hahahahaha awww such a lucky guy. Get to eat a big piece of cake :)

Birthday guy posing with his new pressie. Sorry for not being able to share for the pressie but somehow i managed to share for the cake T_______T which i hope you don't mind.

This 2 fella doing an obscene act when the restaurant is full with Indian customers. hahaha but then none of them shows any interest because they were too busy eating. Yea i can understand, who would even want to look at this 2 gorillas when the food is way more attractive lor.

To end my post, i hereby dedicate this photo to myself. And Happy Birthday once again Chek Kang :)

ps: I got that piece of paper from Irshad

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