Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Last One

Underestimated my last paper and turned out to be super tough. [I blame the holiday mood] All the case law names sounds alike to me. Every time i reached to the next chapter memorizing the names, ended up i forgot the previous chapter cases. Wtf kan? So ended up lazy to memorize and entered the exam hall with a confident face but empty brains.
ah-hah-ah-hah~~ work that body~~
Currently I'm addicted to Black eyed peas - Work that body  T____T
Makes you wanna dance and move your body.

Went to have ROASTED BABI together with Guo Chen, Nic Koh, Choon, Q, Brendan, Ck, Danny and 2 other seniors near BB Plaza area or whatever the name is.

Most of them kept asking me the same question.

Frequently asked question: Ehh you can eat pork ar?

hahaha macam sial T________________________________T


Choon is the most mean among all. Purposely asked me what I want since he's going to Langkawi.

Question from Choon: I'm going to Langkawi. You want anything? Chocolates? Chocolate that got alcohol inside de want mah?

I don't even have the chance to answer at all. He's the one asking the question and yet he's the one answering it for me. So this was his answer:

Answer also from Choon: Oh I forgot you can't take alcohol *showing the muka terkejut and acting cute*

I'm feeling very blessed for having such friendly friends who loves to tease me non stop.


After lunch, headed to Jusco ALONE. Yeap you read me. I said ALONE.
Intended to go for a window shopping, checking out some new clothes, shoes and bags. Wanna get a new bag since my current bag looks rather ermmm dead?

Guess who I bumped into? You wouldn't be able to guess. haha I bumped into Lee Meow a.k.a Steven a.k.a Dai Lou and his girlfriend :P

They invited me to join them. I'm not sure it was a right thing to accept the offer or not cause I felt that I'm a cute tiny lamp post standing in between of a lovely couple whose initial plan was to have a nice date just right after final paper T________________T but somehow i still followed them shopping. hahahahahaha

She is so darn tall like a model. Envy die die T________________________________T
Haha just take a look at our height differences. ZOMG I'm speechless. She even bend her body a little ler T______T
This shows how short I am. Okay let me tell a lie to comfort myself alright?
Short is cute :D :D :D
being short means cute. okay. brain accepted the lie.

While walking out from there just to camwhore, the 3 of us spotted 2 high school students 'in the act' of doing something since there's no freaking people at all. According to Steven they were about to kiss but then I don't see anything at all. The funny thing was Presilia and me headed out talking with a loud voice which totally spoiled all their romantic scenes of whatsoever was going on there. HAHAHAHAHAHA we are so potong stim :D
I know that.

Went to Dataran at 3pm+ right after Jusco to meet up with Fik and Mark for a movie :)
What a busy busy day.

They were looking at some tiny-thin snakes (sorry, don't know what's it called) and they planned to get one of those so that the snake can accompany them while they were SS-ing every time all by themselves. HAHAHA joking.

He seems so happy because he's going back to his hometown and he miss his wife which is the Television. Sigh. I'm always the second wife. Why is my luck like that one.

Anyways, IP MAN 2 is a very nice movie and worth watching. I'm in love with Donnie Yen's (IP MAN) wife. Uh-la-la~~ She's cute, sexy, pretty, with big eyes, tall, fair, slim and you name it.

Alright I shall stop crapping and off to bed. Had only about 5 hours of sleep. Till then.
Happy Holidays All and to my beloved Choon, and other seniors whom are closed to me which are going to graduate (hopefully without failing) soon to take good care and enjoy your chambering.

Lotsa Love..

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