Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rojak Gathering

Had a gathering with a mixture of ex classmates whom some are not even my primary school friends, and with my secondary school friends and not my high school friends (omg ok sounds so complicated) but somehow I knew all of them :D
hahaha what a rojak.

Went to Sibaraku (my second home) for lunch. It's been quite some time since I last visited my second home. It brings back memories when I stepped my right foot inside the entrance. Home sweet home. It was telling me Okaeri (welcome back).

Started gathering about 12.30pm and it's a must for a camwhoring + photo session :)
Like you don't know my style :D

I'll do a short intro.

REMINDER: Massive photos ahead. Look at your own risk.

From Left: Leng, Wilson, Adrian

From Left: Leong Shen and Yann Tyeang

From Left: Cutie (haha nak aje) and Chun ren

From bottom left: Sher Lyn, Xin Yi, Swee Chen, Me
Upper left: Mei Liang and Yann Tyeang

The guy with white spectacle frame is known as Cheong Hong but his glamorous nick is called Fei De or Yun Nam because he got less hair :D

My Teppan Salmon

Okay I think that's more than enough of pictures to blind my readers. There's more but I shall stop posting our good looking pictures.

Sat there until 2.40pm which was totally madness. It took me about an hour to finish my lunch. Well what can I say? Perempuan sopan eat memang slow one la :P

We talked from head to toes, clothes to underwear, breast to dick and you wouldn't even want to know what else :P
This shows that we have various types of topics to share among ourselves. Thank God most of them are open, in fact TOO OPEN.

Plan to catch a movie right after lunch. So we headed to Dataran to check out the time for the movies.

On the way to Dataran from Mahkota, I managed to catch some eye sore pictures.

Entah siapa punya anak ni... aihhh

Awww so romantic :D *shy*

Okay enough photos. Wanna go buy movie tickets also need to pass a lot of obstacles especially camwhoring lust o.O

Ahhh finally!!! Mission success. There were 11 of us left since Leng headed home earlier for some other business.
We watched this movie since most of them wanna watch it o.O
Like I said, I hate scary/horror movies especially about ghost or even any movies that are related to violent/psycho murderer. But looks like I have to give in just this once since majority overruled minority.

It's Nightmare on Elm Street. Ewww the movie was seriously damn disgusting especially the way this lunatic fucked up dude (above pic) killed all the'targeted' people in their sleep. My only feedback is that this movie is much nicer than JUON. hahaha so go watch okay and don'tsleep right after watching. Who knows you are the next target? *winks* hahahahahaha Fuck I just scare myself o.O I don't dare to sleep tonight T________T

Our movie was at 4.25pm and we have like an hour before the movie started. We rotted in the arcade just to kill time. Of course not!! Who the hell so stupid lah wanna rot in there? Better use the time wisely by taking photos right? hahahahaha

I'm sorry people but to blind your eyes again with our XXX photos :P

LOL!! Alright I'll just post this 3. I'm too tired to upload most of it. I'm blogging while using my laptop so it's quite difficult for me to upload them since i'm not using a mouse right now, but the touch pad. Aihhhh...

Attempted to camwhore 3 people with my cute digicam and the result ended up like this:

The picture above was taken by me. And Leong Shen said this to me:

Leong Shen: Haiyo you don't know to take photo la. Come let me take la. (direct translation from Mandarin)

Me: ishhh ok lor...

And here is his master piece.

Me: hahahahahahaha wtf???????????????

Leong Shen: Your camera lousy.

hahahahaha damn you!! You don't know how to take photo properly just admit it la. Wanna blame my camera quality pula. hahaha.

Went to Station Kopitiam for dinner and headed back home right after. Had a great fun and to be honest, I didn't expect this rojak gathering would ended up to be quite fun :) since most of the gathering planned by ermmm I don't know who :P always FAILED. hahahahahahahahah

I'm not saying or pointing at anybody okay. lalalalalalalala~~~

*innocent face*

I shall end my post with the one and only decent group photo :)

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