Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Teacher's Boy

It's almost 4am and it's very very very very rare to see me online until this late of course and especially blogging at this time. hehehe.

This is what I'm calling as Happy Holidays. Most of my friends were busy having a vacation somewhere else but as for me I'm stuck here facing my computer :(
But worry not, I'm going to be hella busy starting from next Sunday with full of activities for the one whole week. Wippee and oh shit.

Looks like I wouldn't have the chance to travel out from Melaka -___________-
Damn pathetic right?


I would love to take this chance to wish every teachers out there Happy Teacher's Day and also to one of my special retard friend a Happy 21st Birthday and remember that I will always sayang you as my hamba abdi :)

This picture is specially dedicated to you, just to show how hard working you are as my kuli :)
Now you are officially 21 years old and it's time where you can work even harder for me hor?

Since it's your birthday, I shall post a 'handsome' picture of you in my humble little blog XD

Once again Happy Birthday and thanks for your Birthday gift the other day even though my Birthday is still long way to go :)
I love it belly much. Owh and sorry for not buying you anything except for treating you ice cream which I think it saves my money :P and also it's very romantic lor. hahahaha

Ice cream = sweet

So conclusion is my present very sweet kan kan???? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH *shy*

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