Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is what will happen when you leave a girl all by herself in a car with a camera

Got too bored in the car while waiting for that sissy Mark to deliver his parcel to Tawau. I was left all by myself in the car for like more than 10-15 minutes :(

I seriously love to take pictures under the sun because it makes my skin looks flawless :D and there's no need to edit the picture at all. The outcome is satisfying :D well for me of course.

The pictures above are only part of what I've taken today in the car ALONE. Trust me there's more. But I shall just keep them for my own personal use :)

Did I tell you how much I hated Monday? Gotta be in campus from 10am to 8pm. And the best thing is that there's 6 hours break in between. Supposed to be 4 hours but today's tutorial was cancelled just because the lecture haven't even started anything yet. So after rotting 3 hours with Mark, continue rotting another 3 hours with Lyn and Qiao Rou at this one malay shop near Mori.

Gosh seriously got no life sial. 6 hours without any proper plans or activities are pure insanity. Oh well I'm off to bed now. Gotta be awake by 6am tomoro morning. Owh and I hate Tuesday class as well :)


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