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Trip to Singapore 2010

I'll divide this post in to two since it will be flood with crazily loads of photos.

Reminder: Massive photos ahead. Scroll down if you dare :)

Went to visit Singapore last Saturday. It was a two days one night trip. So there's not much or enough time for me to eventually explore the whole tourist attraction places :(
That's pretty sad. However, by looking it at the bright side, it gives me another reason on why I need/should/must/have to re-visit Singapore again.

So I shall begin blogging about Day one itself. Here it goes *take a deep breathe*

Day One

Woke up at 5am on Saturday and trust me, I was so excited that it made me awake every single hour. In other words, I did not have a proper sleep T_____________T
About 6.50am Shawn came down my place to fetch me and we headed to Central where our 707 bus were waiting for us once we got there about 7.20am. Our bus departed sharply at 7.30am or maybe slightly few minutes later. Oh who cares, as long it does not exceed more than 10 minutes, then it shall be fine with me :)

Both of us carried along only with one bag pack and that's it. Aiya just a 2 days, 1 night trip la. There's no need to bring the whole wardrobe right (thou that was my initial plan, but then bag too small and can't fit in everything so it left me with no other choice but to bring only 2 pairs of shirt and pants)(one pair was my pajamas okay so please exclude that from my clothing list. thankyou)

I wanted to sleep in the bus but this fella wouldn't let me sleep :(
So we talked and camwhored a little while we were in the bus. Most of the pictures that we've taken together turned out to be quite shitty so I shall choose not to upload them in here. hahaha.

Shawn trying out my fake-without-glasses-spectacle and he looked nerdy in it :D

hahaha. yeap... 'hahahaha' was my first impression when i checked my camera for the outcome of the picture taken by me. Damn it. I looked good in it but somehow the young lady ruined everything T_______T

Just a random picture taken by Shawn.

Pulling my silky hair :P
I know you love to touch my hair. Just admit it. My hair damn smooth kao kao right? LOL

Aihhh still touching my long silky hair.... hahahaha.

Once we settled down (hahaha got tired with camwhoring coz all the pics turned out to be FUGLY) and started talking, out of a sudden i felt that the chair handle was moving o.O and for the shock of my life I've discovered the nastiest thing ever in my entire 21 years life of living in this corrupted world :P

By looking at the picture itself makes me wanna puke to death T_________________________T
Red color nails some more wei T_____________________T
THANK GOD her foot does not emits/produce the skunky smell or I'm gonna faint and die and complained that this will be my worst nightmare trip ever. hahaha.

Yorrr seriously la... the picture above damn geli to the maximum.

Without noticing, we've reached the JB's custom about 10am+

Then on our way there to the next custom which is the Singapore custom, it took about 15-20 minutes only I think. I can't really recall but I knew it was very fast. After the Singapore custom, we were stuck in jams and that's the part where it took quite long for us to eventually reach Bugis. We got there about 11.30am. The reason we stopped by Bugis was to get our bus tickets for the next day.

Since we were at Bugis, Shawn brought me to the Thief Market. On our way there, we stopped by to get an ice cream bread which cost 1 dollar only. Very cheap hor!!

After I got my ice cream bread, it started to drizzles. Arghhhh FML. I got no chance to look at the people who set up their stalls in Thief Market. I only managed to pass by in a very fast speed in order to avoid from being wet. The market do sell lots of weird stuff that you cant even imagine.
The time I went, I saw them selling second hand screwdrivers, hammers, cameras, watches, wallets and etc. I didn't get to survery the market and I only passed by few of them T______T

According to Shawn, he even saw one of the stalls selling a doll heads o.O
hahahaha wtf?? So scary one.

Then we took the MRT to Orchard.

Everyone looks very grumpy and unfriendly especially when they boarded the MRT. Most of them are using an iPhone. Looked at both of them sitting in front of me. Both using iPhones.

All I can say is that Sinapore public transports are very efficient. There's no need for you to wait for the bus or MRT which takes more than 5 minutes. Maximum about 5 minutes time of waiting. Unlike in Malaysia where you need to wait for like more than half an hour just to get on to the bus. Pain in the arse!

Went to ION mall and that place was freaking crazy full with branded stuffs such as Prada, Dior, Gucci, LV, Bally, Burberry and etc. I don't even freaking dare to enter those outlets except for Bally. Was forced to enter since someone needs to check out something in that outlet.

Picture taken inside Bally. The shoes there cost at least 1k Singapore dollar o.O *gulps*
Most of the people who entered there were dressed in a proper attire and as for me, hahahaha so whatever.

Owhh is that my brand? LOL

Met up with Sharon (my beloved cousin) in front of Prada and LV.
Then we went to Pepper Lunch located in Suntec City Mall for lunch. The reason why we went there was because ION Mall was so damn expensive and those place are only for rich people.

Owh yea, I saw a bunch of 60's to 70's year old lady dressing up in a stylish clothing, nicely done hairs and also thick make up while shopping for LV bags. WOW!! A bunch of rich old ladies, squeezing out money from their husbands. Geez I'm so jealous of them :(

Our meal cost about 40 dollars and thanks to Shawn for the treat :)
I will cry if I were to spend more than 2 days in Singapore. The things and food there are cheap but after I do the calculation of converting them into Ringgit Malaysia, I do feel like crying.

The hungry kid

Sharon and I

Poor Sylvia who couldn't join us due to the midterm paper that she'll be having on Monday. Aww don't worry sweetie. I'll bet that I'm going to find both of you again soon. Just wait for me alright :)

Right after lunch, went to the fountain of wealth located in the middle of the mall.

hahaha OMG... I did not do the second step. WTFFFFF???
I just realized it after reading the steps for this blogging purposes. WTF?
All I did was putting my right hand and touch the water and made a 3 round walk over the fountain without wishing anything. Aih..... no wonder I'm not rich yet even after I got back from Singapore. So this is the reason why. Damn it!!!

The path to wealth

Then we headed to other shopping malls. I forgot the name sorry. My lousy brain.

Most of the drawings were vandalize by stressful Singaporeans I think. hahahaha. Somehow I think those drawings were rather cool and cute :o

The shopping mall that looks like a durian with the spike shapes on it. What's the name of the shopping ah??

Took some pictures in the toilet. That day itself, I think I've visited the toilet for more than 7 times hahahahahahahahhahahaha. Paip bocor :P

Then we went to ermmm the lion head/statue place. hahaha I don't know what's it called. Took about 10 minutes to walk there.

Wooohoooo it was so bright and I can barely open my eyes. This explain why I'm wearing my shades bebeh :D

Then took a bus to West Coast and I managed to get a Nike shirt there for about 30 dollar. Pretty cheap there but after conversion. Aih okay I don't even want to know how much T___________T

Then we had our dinner nearby there. And about 8pm I followed Sharon back to her place and meanwhile as for Shawn he went to meet up with his friends for God Knows what activities. hahaha clubbing and also some other crazy games. Shawn you damn gila lor!!! Like OMG gila!!

Reached my aunt's place about pm and after taking my shower and everything, off to bed. Had no chance to play with my cute baby cousin, Hayden. He was sleeping soundly when I reached there. So no chance to carry him or pinch his face. hahaha

Slept like a pig that night. Was so tired okay. And right now blogging this, I'm very sleepy and tired too. Shall continue on my day two trip later. As for now, good night people. Toodles and sweet dreams :D

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