Friday, June 4, 2010


2 days more to enjoy before entering new semester with tougher and stricter lecturers. FML to the max.
Got my results today. Passed every subjects with a flying colors crying colors. Not gonna talk about it because I was pretty upset with the outcome.

Felt so effing down and disappointed. So in order to make myself happy once more, I've decided to go for a emotional release therapy which is located near Jalan Hang Tuah, belakang bus stand. hahahaha wtf? Joking la. That's the prostitution nest.
I went to new Jusco with Mei Liang to release my emo-ness.

Bought 2 pair of dress and also a pink bag pack :D
Felt super satisfied with my purchased items. I managed to follow my sem break plan accordingly which is to spend on the 1st week of holidays, to earn money on the 2nd week of holidays and to spend again on the 3rd week of holidays. So far I've spend RM300 for the 1st week of holidays and I've earned RM300 for the 2nd week of holidays and so far I've spend RM200+ for the 3rd week of holidays. Behold, I shall spend more starting from tomorrow onwards (Saturday and Sunday) since I'm going to Singapore for a short vacation trip.
Sorry dear friends, it's sad to inform that I couldn't get any souvenirs due to the fact that I'm financially unstable and going to be broke soon. Better luck next time ya :P

It's gonna be Heaven this weekends. Right after the trip, I'm going to meet Mr Hell :(

tsk tsk what a messy hair

OMG there's sales almost every outlets in Jusco. I was literally blinded with all of the 50-70% sales there. Gosh!!! Only if i have more cash to spend today. Dammit!!

I heard from Sharon that there's Singapore Sales as well there :D
Can't wait to shop tomorrow. Wipppeeee XD

Had rice with gingered chicken and I also had some sushi's. OMG damn full as hell. I am still bloated right now while typing this blog entry.

Oh well I'm off to bed. Gotta wake up as early as 5am tomorrow morning since my bus departed at 7.30am.
Till then. Will see you guys on Monday (well only if I managed to return back Malaysia and feeling hardworking to go for class, or else I'll see you on Tuesday).

Adios. And Happy Remaining Holidays  :P

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