Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everything comes naturally

My beloved slave landed safely in Melaka yesterday. Awww I miss you :)

Went to McD for lunch together with Amirul and Mark. Arghhhh I can feel that I'm getting fatter T_________T
Had KFC the day before together with Mirul, Nicole and Nic.I'm having fast food for like God knows how often in a week. Sigh. Fast food is so not healthy.

hahahahahahaha Amirul was sick during that day and yet he still had the appetite to eat that mega gigantic mac beef burger. He memang 'seekor' kawan yang gila :P

After lunch, Mirul went back home and so my slave and I went for a date at the most romantic place ever one could think of :)

Come and guess where was the 'romantic' place? I bet none of you can guess it correctly :D because it was so romantic until no ordinary human could ever think of.

Oh well I shall just keep that to myself :)

Such a fantastic idea to name your own business :)
Somehow i prefer if there's no letter 'y' at the end of it. LOL

A little something from my darling all the way from Korea hahaha. Thanks sayang :)

Once I'm done with my so called date and all. Headed back home to take my shower and had a light dinner and then went out with Liang, Lyn and Hong for satay celup. *yum yum*
(sigh I smell fat again)

hahahaha the blood over there was Hong's menstrual blood :P LOL!!!

Right after satay celup-ing, we went to the Stadthuys for some random camwhoring session. For the very first time, the camwhoring thing was not my idea. LOL. I was so 'very innocent' that night. I did not know what's the meaning of camwhoring at all. However they forced me to take pictures :P

Haha. The so called camwhoring innocence. Ended up taken lots of photos like nobody's business. Please forgive us for our 'sakai-ness'.

Even though I'm a Malaccan, but that night was my first time ever taking photos around that place (as far as i can recall but i guess i was wrong). I did camwhored there before :D

I should have taken camwhoring photography course instead

This is my fake smile :)

The lamest pose I've ever seen in my whole entire life :P

wahhhh the lamest pose got so popular meh??? Not say lengzai model la Zomg!!! *vomit blood*

Overall it was a great day despite I'm feeling sleepy that night.

I promise I'll blog about my trip soon. There's like about 400 pictures taken and I'm afraid my blog will be flood with lots of un-shameful pictures of myself all the way long. hahahaha *shy*

Here's a sneak preview :P

Toodles :D

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