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A week after Raya, I had the chance to meet up with my chambering partner in crime - Cik Yam.
It was a great catching up session with her.
By the way, any single guys out there who are interested to know this miss americano or not?
hehehehe.... kalau ye, sila tinggalkan message and I'll relay your message to her.

*Iklan percuma*


On the other hand, the princess came down town for a case and we had dinner selfies together.

"Nicole: Is there any nice cafes in Melaka? Place where we can take photos"
And here were are at TBC - Teddy Bear Cafe.

I swear to God we took like almost 80 selfies within 2 hours.
Us being us.

Teddy bears make a good props for camwhoring.


Bukit Beruang area (especially the one nearby MMU) has developed like growing wild mushrooms.

I've visited the place lately, about a month ago and they have varieties of cafes. One of it is this Cafe & Restaurant Owl. (Unfortunately it is a non-halal restaurant).

The menu.

Pork Burgerrrrr!!!

Price was pretty reasonable and affordable for students.
Not bad not bad.....


Before my Bangkok trip, I spent two days in KL just for the sake of meeting up with my buddies.

Snowflakes! Been craving for it so badly.

Just like always, we spent almost 30 minutes deciding on what to eat.

Mark: What's for dinner?
Nicole, Iimk and Ruby : Anything.
KM: Korean food?
Nicole: Aiya don't want la... I just had that few days ago.


Mark: Let's eat burger!
Ruby: Yerr don't want burger lah. Always burger burger burger!

Everybody: Okay no burger, no korean food. What else? Western? Japanese?
Nicole: I'm okay with anything. EXCEPT KOREAN FOOD *giggles*
Ruby: okay let me decide la then. You all so hopeless. Let's go for Japanese food.
Everybody: OKAYYYYY!!!! ONNNN!!!

While walking to the Japanese Restaurant. We passed by this Latin America Restaurant by the name of LaBoca Latino Bar and jeng jeng jeng~

Nicole: Ehhhhh waittt let me see the menu.... Okay let's eat here.
Ruby: what the fuckkkk..... Ask me to decide and the end result have to go the place you choose.


So that's how we always hang out.

Yeap. We are a bunch of awesome people who just couldn't make our minds on what to eat all the time.


Girly moments (including KM) coz he is our GFF!!

With the pretty Iimk. Makin lama makin hot ni ah moi *drools*

KM: Aiya I'm not full la after dining at LaBoca. Need to order a cake now.

Geng Borneo.


Specialized in Green Tea - Nana's Green Tea.
Matcha Kuromitsu Latte (L) - RM10.80
Matcha Shiratama Parfait (R) - RM20.68


Salmon Udon with Cream Sauce 

Stop staring at my parfait!

And a dramatic lepaking session with the forever dramatic Amirul.

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