Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Marky!


I cant believe this is the fourth time where I wished you Happy Birthday.
It's been 4 good years since we've last known each other.
We started off as an ordinary friends and ended up as an extraordinary couple :)

I never imagined that you'll be playing a very big part in my life.
Plus I had never expected that we will turned out to be couples.

I may not be a sweet talker girlfriend.
For those who knows me, I'm the type who loves to talk about disgusting stuffs instead of all those sweet lovey dovey lines.
I don't trust sweet talkers. All those are just pure bullshits!
Though it is nice to hear, but in fact you should be clear that all those words must not be taken seriously.

I'm very grateful that you've accepted me for who I am instead of what I am.
Same applies to you my dear.
People might get irritated or annoyed whenever we're together due to our disgusting-ness.
But hey you know what? That's what makes us the unique couple :)

I'm so sorry I can't buy you a diamond ring nor a bungalow (hmm okay wait, ain't that supposed to be your line instead of mine?) since I'm already broke. Plus even if I'm not broke, I don't think I'll buy you anything :P

The best gift from me to you is my cute attitude itself.
Faster say I'm the best gf ever!!

Okay I should stop typing all this geli-fied stuffs in my blog.
Or else you people are going to vomit.
I bet I'll vomit as well. lol.

We went to Senju Tei to celebrate the boy's birthday today :)

Gave him my handmade Birthday Card full with 'jiwang words' in it like nobody's business.
If you ask me to read what I wrote for the second time, I think I will slap myself for writing it.

Only the 3 of us managed to hang out since the rest were not in Melaka anymore and that Miss Nicole who got locked out from her own house. tsk tsk how pity is that?
Where got people kena lock from own house de?
hahahaha I feel sad for you lah.

So she only managed to go home at 8am and slept after that. That's the reason why she couldn't make it.

Garlic Beef and Agedashi Toufu Set @ RM 24.0

Katsu Curry Rice Set @ RM 18.0

Tempura Moriawase and Mini Oyako Don @ RM 18.0

Okonomiyaki @ RM 15.0

Had a very simple celebration. That Okonomiyaki is considered as his Birthday Cake :)
However, he was the one who still has to pay for it. hahahaha!

So that's how we celebrated his Birthday.
I'm so sorry for not being able to buy you any cakes or presents.
But I do hope you love the Birthday Cards :)

Teeehhheeee :)

Happy Birthday Bi.
We shall celebrate second round in Taiwan tomorrow :)

Gotta go now.
Need to have my beauty sleep now.
I won't be able to update my blog for the next one week.

Flying off to Taiwan tomorrow.
Make sure you miss me okay.

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