Saturday, May 12, 2012

The day where I smell Freedom

9 May 2012

The moment the clock struck 12.15pm, I was super happy and relieved. I'm a free girl now bebeh!
That 3 hours sitting in FOSEE Ground Floor was making me anxious. I had International Trade and Shipping Law paper that day. I gave up memorizing before entering the exam venue because my brain just can't absorb anything else except for partying.

Overall I'm glad that's over.

Went to KFC for lunch with Mark, Amirul, Jeff, Nicole and Peiyan.

Mark and I gave our buns to Amirul. See how lucky he is whenever he eats with us. Surely get some free food.

It's either he'll get free food from us legally (where we offered him our food) or he'll get free food from us by stealing our food. Either way, he still gets free food at the end of the day.

I am so gonna miss your cheapness Amirul. By far you are my cheapest friend ever and there's no one else that can replace your position in my heart. Awwww... can you see how big your role is to me?
I lappp euuuuu mirul <3

Had a drinking session right after that.

Mr Jeff, why must you do that pose? LOL. It reminds me of this picture - your retarded self. lol

Back in 2008.

I miss all those good and crazy days we had during Foundation year.
Where all of us looked like some kind of ancient kid with stupid hair styles, ugly fashion style and etc.
At least, most of us become much better looking nowadays.
Except for certain people who started losing hair. HAHAHAHAHA!


In the evening we had our second round 'lepaking session'.
Went to The Loft for dinner.
It's my first time there. It is located near Jonker.
Hmmm the environment was okay. But the background wasn't as nice as I expected it to be.

Collected our batch Magazine.
2008 - 2012 memories.
5 years of studying life in MMU.

Chicken Chop @ RM 10.0

Fish Chop @ RM 10.0

The Loft Club Sandwich @ RM 12+

I lowered down my expectations towards the place, so I didn't expect the food to turn out good. Fortunately, the food turned out to be good.
Although they served the food pretty slow despite the fact that we were their only customers there that night.
But luckily it is worth to wait. 

After having our nice dinner, we headed to Eleven for a drink to celebrate our graduation again.
Celebrate so many time like orang gila. hahaha!

Two pretty girls

More pictures ahead.
Have fun looking at our shameless photos.
Because I know I am having fun looking at it.
hahaha :P
And you should too!

Take 1: Nicole and Ying Le gone case - blurry.

Take 2: Peiyan blurry.

Turned out both shots were blur. There's no third shot unfortunately :(
Looks like I'm the only one who is pro enough to have a stable posture in both pictures.

We had Savanna. It's my first time trying it out. It taste way better than Carlsberg because it tastes a little bit like sparkling juice.

The amount of alcohol is only 5.5%
So it's not that high.

I was amazed that Ying Le managed to finish the whole bottle without getting drink.
I salute you. She had mastered the drinking skill when she meditate in Australia's clubs/bars.

Perrier (glam name) or you can call it High Class Mineral Water.
The price is so expensive lor. 

Our group photo.

Take 1

Take 2

Had a fun night with them.

Love you all.

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