Sunday, May 6, 2012

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26 April 2012

Had a small reunion dinner with my fellow course mates in Alai Seafood to celebrate our final semester in MMU.

Mixed feelings - Happiness and sadness.

All in all, we still have to move on.
I bet I'm gonna miss each and every one of you.

That night we had a very late dinner. Which was about 10pm plus.
Mana tak gemuk wei...

There were 13 of us in total. And I had a very long day on that particular day. Hence why my face looked so sticky, oily and exhausted.

We had 8 different types of dishes which we further ordered another 2 plates of squid fritters coz they guys were so greedy. lol.

Everything went on smoothly except that the rained started to pour super heavily around 10.50pm and due to that, I couldn't went back home early and as a result, kena scold from that T___________T

A cinderella will always be a cinderella - must be home before12am.

Hope to have another round of dinner with you guys before the end of this semester.

27 April 2012

Went dinner and shopping with the girls.

Tried Wok Sifu and the environment was quite nice except the fact that it's a non halal restaurant.

Rice with Honey Spare Ribs (pork ribs) @ RM 12.50
including Ying Yong Ice Tea

Noodle Soup with Spicy Braised Beef @ RM 11.50
Love the soup so much. Yummy!

Bread with Soup and Fries @ RM 5.90
Love the soup too!

Then they girls shop like mad!
Okay maybe not till the extend of mad but somewhere around there.

Bodycon dress is LOVE!
Every girls should at least have one to seduce guys you know? hahaha!
Nicole and I influenced Ying Le to get one.
And so she bought it.
Dang!! Look at her curves. My God!
I bet the guys are drooling over there right now, staring at her picture.

By the way, she's single and available.
Those interested, please contact me.

Qualifications required from the guy are:
1) Must have six packs
2 Must have six packs
3) Must have six packs
4) Must be intelligent

So if you think you have what it takes, then do inform me :)

Since it looks good on her, the itchy butt of mine wanted to try it as well.
I love the lace design but I doubt I'll be wearing it out so I've decided to save money.

After shopping, I drove them back to campus and we stopped by MMU Main Hall to watch the drama - The Merchant of Venice.

Which we never watched at all.
Heard there's another drama going on in that drama.
I missed that 'drama'.

Anyway, we went there to show them some moral support - Amirul and Zakwan.
Wanted to meet Miss Jesslyn but she was behind the stage. So no camwhoring with her :(

30 April 2012

Went to watch The Avengers.
Like finally!
Everyone kept posting how good the movie was in Twitter and Facebook.
Went to watch it with the boy, Nicole, Brendan and his sister.

That was Mark's third time watching Avengers.

 Take 1

Take 2

*ehem* someone is getting slimmer over there.

Had Coconut Shake on the way back :)

Had a wonderful month of April - by watching Avengers.

P.S 3 Days more to freedom :)

I'll be having my finals on the 8th and 9th of May.
Shall stop blogging now.
Gotta continue with my revision.
Will blog again at night. (if I'm not lazy)

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