Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trip to Bintulu Sarawak (Day Three)

Day 3 of the trip.

Woke u very early because I had a good long 11 hours of sleep.
About 9am+ I'm done with my packing.

Took some photos before leaving Gua Niah.

At 10am we left the 'wonderful' place. Awww I started to miss the place right after 5 seconds. NOT!

On the way back to Bintulu, we passed by this rumah panjang. Well of course it looks like any other normal boring rumah panjang.

But think again. Look carefully ler. Every single one of them owned ASTRO muthafucker!
How advance is that. LOL!

Even my house taman also not everyone owns an ASTRO plate on top of their Terrace house. hmmmm....
So conclusion is that, don't play a fool with sakai aborigines.

They are more advance that what we think okay.
Take a look at Mark. He knows Melaka road even better than I do. Pergghhh bangga dia. lol
I'm so ashamed of myself :(

Then we passed by this obscene sign board.

For the first glance, you'll think that it says


A direct translation from hokkien to english would be:

SIMI = what
LANJAU = dick

the What Dick road. hahahahaha

The sun was too bright. My tiny eyes couldn't take it. T__________________T
semakin sepet jadinya.
BUT still cute :P

Then the taxi driver showed us around the factory that processes the oil. Can't remember what oil but from what I knew was that this is the largest factory that processes the oil in Malaysia.

I love this picture above. Super chio!

hahahhaahaha i personally think that this is funny and cute :)


Then we headed to the market place. It is known as Tamu Bintulu.
There's many people there as you can see from the picture below. If i'm not mistaken, it is also a taxi and bus central area KOT. Can't remember liao.

We were trying this fruit called SALAK.

I don't really fancy the fruit. For the first bite it was good but if you ate the whole damn thing, it's another story. hahahaha.
But my mum said it's nice. hahaha. Maybe different people different taste. Or maybe I'm just a food sucker..

After that we went to Bintulu shopping mall o_________o (di paksa punya) because there's no other place to go and plus we wanted to get some souvenirs. The stuffs are all pretty expensive :(
I can't believe that I've spend about RM150 just on keychains, a box of sweet, some chocolates and magnets. GOD!

They don't have much variety also. Unlike melaka in Jonker you can get many types of designs lo. I think I should just get my friends some keychains from melaka as souvenirs :P
Nicer sumore what. hahaha

After all the bargaining which I tried but failed. I gave up. Celaka betul.
Then we headed to the beach where I've talked about during my first day in Bintulu.
This time around, we went there with everyone :)

The coconut super delicious ler. Very very sweet. Gosh. Yummy!


We headed to the Airport at 4pm and reached there at 4.30pm. Lepak there until 6pm+ because our flight was at 6.50pm.

Since it was an election day in Sarawak, there's a group of people carrying this Hornbill soft toys.
I managed to camwhore with it.

Guess how much the soft toys cost?

I bet you wouldn't believe the price.

It cost RM 3000 each okay!
2 of it cost 6k already. WTF! hahahahaha

Saw the half sided face man on the left? He is the owner of the soft toys i'm holding. hehehe. The one Peggy was holding was another fella's hornbill.

The sky was fantastic when we were on our way back to Malaysia T____________________T

I was super hungry and it left me no choice but to pay RM10 for the nasi lemak T________________T
Sad betul.

The pressure before landing.
That's what my ears had been suffering okay.
I almost turned deaf ler. wat the heck.

Bought these chocolates in LCCT Airport.
Choco is love.
Wanted to buy more but then the chocolates are so freaking expensive -______-

Choco lover :-*

Overall I had a great 3 days trip to Borneo. Would love to visit Kota Kinabalu next time.
Gonna climb Mount Kinabalu :P
hahahahaha hell yeah. As if I'm that dumb to do those kinda stuff. Walked to Gua Niah also separuh mati. If hike up Mount Kinabalu, I think I'll die on the spot. hehehe

I'm super active today. Feel like blogging many entries. This is my second entry for the day. Might have the third entry later if I'm still hyperactive and provided that I'm not lazy la.

Will stop now. Adios :)



Please don't go La bistro at Kemena Hotel and near the town as well. Sky water charge RM2. This the 1st and last for me to have dinner at La Bistro. Really disappointed and no value at all. Think twice before you go. Not worth it. The customer service is rude and not polite.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading ur post. Er... isnt malaysia including sarawak and sabah?

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