Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ocean Blue

So sorry to flood my blog with my baby fetish.
I promise this will be the last one for this month. hahahaha.

So last Sunday, we prepared quite early to visit the Columbarium located near Bukit Beruang area.
While the adults were busy preparing, I was busy taking photos of the little rascal. 

lol! He stared at me :P

 He got 1001 expressions. Seriously damn cute. I won't get bored looking at his pictures for over a million times. I want a cute baby like this in the future T_____________________T but with one condition. My husband will be the one cleaning the baby's shit of course :D


After playing with him for quite some time, he got tired with us and started to cry every time he saw my lovely cute face. Grrr!!! Make me sien lor. So I decided to ignore him and played with my other cousins instead.

The weather was freaking hot and to add things worst, everyone were busy burning silver papers and paper houses, cars, clothes and etc. So basically it was super hot. I was sweating like mad.

It was supposed to be a freestyle picture. hahahaha my constipated look.

Sweaty face

We had a very great fun that day :)
I know it was supposed to be a sad day o.o
But what the heck?


As for Monday which was 2 days back, I went to Muar with Victoria to visit Muar's Court.
The Magistrate court judge is a very young man wei. Quite good looking. But sadly a malay guy T____T
If chinese guy, I'll go get his number directly. hahahah I'm racist. wtf!

Okay just kidding.

There was a case whereby a Bangladesh worker was being sued by a grocery shop worker lady for molesting her boobs. hahahahaha. WTF!
And he admitted his mistake and therefore he was given the lightest punishment which was a fine amounted to RM 2800 only.

hahaha imagine 2.8k for touching boobs? Stupid! You can get a high class hooker for that price man. And you can even fuck her. Pffttt.... serve you right asshole.

So, right after that we headed for brunch. Had Muar's delicious otak-otak :D

There goes my week 7 hehehe....


Went for a briefing yesterday in MMU regarding to the interview thingy. The room was fully occupied.
The briefing ended within an hour.

Before the briefing, I went to this Indian restaurant located near MMU corner.
The name is Jewel of the Park if I'm not mistaken.

I had cheese naan and mutton masala. wow damn nice :)
Can fight with the one in Pak Putra.
As for the price I'm not quite sure whether it is cheaper or not but the total price that day was about RM28++ for both of us. Well I think the price compared with Pak Putra should be almost the same kot?

So if you feel like eating naan, you don't have to travel all the way to Pak Putra. You can always eat in Jewel Park. Plus got air conditioner some more okay.


Finally the day that I have been waiting for has finally arrive.

Jeng jeng jeng~

The interview day......

Was expecting to kena tembak in the interview room. Who knows I was being kept as a reserve in the list. Awww I was hoping to get interviewed (kononnya)

Do you know how disappointed I was? hahaha NOT!
I was happy like mad okay. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
Thank God I was not chosen. Fuh!!!!

Okay that's it about the interview. Nothing much. Thanks and congratz to all my fellow friends who did their best answering the questions. Good or bad, doesn't matter. As long as you people already did your best. Now all we can do is just to leave our fate in the hands of the qualifying board.

Camwhoring in the moot court while waiting for the rest. Both of us were kept as reserved. Pity us :(
AND damn! I look fat already. FML!

After everything was done, we headed to Windmill for early dinner.

Jeff got his new iPhone 4 for the price of 2k+
Damn nice :)

By the way I've stopped using photoshop for quite sometime. Was too lazy to edit the colors. So many things to do with so little time spared. So I'll just upload directly with what I got from my digicam.

Sorry for the ugly looking pictures and qualities. I'll try my very best to save money and get myself a DSLR okay. Much preferable if you buy for me la :P

thanks love you so much k good night and bye.

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