Thursday, April 14, 2011

All I want is freedom

Went to watch Rio just now together with Mark and Iimk. It's been quite some time since I've been to the cinema in the afternoon. The only day where we were given a leave from work :P

It feels damn nice to have a day off and enjoy ourselves :)

By the way, the movie was really really good. Seriously a must watch movie. Damn cute and funny and kinda sad too.

The birds all super cute I tell you!!!
Made me wanna squeeze them ler.

If there is Blu's plushie when he was a little baby bird, please please please buy me that *big watery eyes*
I really want it so much T___________________T

I also love the bulldog. hahaha damn cute like dunno what. Kept drooling his saliva. Ewww disgusting but funny and cute especially when it shakes the butt. LOL!!!!

See that? The saliva. LOL!!!!

After movie we went to Green Apple for a drink. Gosh there were thousands of school kids in Dataran. Kids nowadays.... tsk tsk..... after class don't know how to go home and study. Instead, they went to shopping malls to slack. When I was young, I never even went shopping with my friends before lor. hahaha *whistles*

Good and innocent student. Am still an innocent University student now ;)

Right after that, we went for some window shopping. Oh God. There's this one shirt that I'm madly in love with T_______________________T but I can't waste money already. I've been spending about RM600+ for this 2 weeks. I can't imagine how am I supposed to live for the next 16 days before I get my next pay :(

To add up my broke-ness, I would have to spend a sum of money in Sarawak as well.
Don't worry Amirul, even though I'm broke like mad, I'll still get you a souvenir from Bintulu okay.
So sorry I can only buy souvenirs to those that are close to me in the sense really really close. The rest... forget about it la ok. Because I'm too broke already :P

Lately, my skin condition is pretty sucky. I've got little tiny zits all over my forehead like nobody's business. Gosh. Freaking irritating and hideous.

I wanted to get a new facial product. However it is over my budget. Gotta save up for the upcoming month. I tried this Artistry brand. Bought the Masques. Apply it on your face for 5-15mins and then rinse it throughly.

The price is RM 60++

For more info just click the link below.

I wanted to get the whole set but it is worth RM200++

Gosh. I shall save that for next time. I still have my cleanser and toner. Just that the effect ain't that good. Hence why I got a shitty complexion :(

Anyway I'm departing to KLIA at 4am later. So I'm going to bed now. Will blog about my Sarawak trip next time.

Till then folks.


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g_pentium said...

as a high skool stdnt..last no dp wor.damn innocent wan finish skol oni balik...

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