Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work plus travel

Yesterday was a hectic day for me.
Went up to KL's High Court around 10am+ and we reached there about 12pm+

Yeap that's the court which leaked for dunno how many times before =.=
Lousy construction.

Went there to do some filing and to obtain a subpoena. I bumped into Farida Zohra and Aliah in the Cafeteria. hehehehe :)

David and I walked almost the whole court itself. I think David walked more. We were told to meet one and another from floor to floor. They were like passing and kicking us around. When we said we wanna meet A, then A told us to go another floor and meet B. Then B said ohhh wrong person, go to ground floor and make payment first then oni go meet C. Then after we made the payment and met C. C said sorry go meet D. Then after met D, they said ohh that D is from the other room. Wrong room. So we went to find D and finally D was on leave -______________________-

WTF. Travel one whole world just to find out that the person we were looking for were on leave =.=

AT that very moment, I sumpah that I feel like quitting from being a lawyer in the future. hahaha.

So after everything, she told us to come again the next day at 8am. Crazy or what? So we ignored her.
After that, we departed to Ipoh from KL around 3pm. Reached Ipoh around 5pm.

Went to Jusco in Kinta City to meet our client/witness or whatever it was.
Ipoh is a beautiful place ler.
I thought it is a small town.
Who knows it is bigger than melaka lor.

My very first time steeping in to Ipoh Perak. Believe it or not =.=
Sakai betul.

Went to Coffee Bean to chillax while waiting for the 'fella'

The fella reached about an hour later. Ding Dong betul.
So after discussing, we left Ipoh at 6.20pm.Our next destination was Kajang.
Reached there about 8pm+ and we wanted to taste the Kajang Satay but sadly the shop was closed.
Damn it!
My chance of trying rabbit satay T___________________T bye bye.

So we went to Kajang Nasi Kandar instead. A mamak restaurant.

Had their nasi lemak. The chicken was very crispy and delicious. As for the pricing, i think that it's quite cheap. Only RM5.50 including the fried chicken. hehehe. Quite okay la.

The reason why we were in Kajang in the first place was to collect some witness statement for our case. We only managed to get the documents at 11.30pm.

Traveled back right after that and I reached home around 1am+
So this working field is damn tiring but exciting in a way la.

This is our ride for the whole journey :)
Weeee~ the roof can open ler. Can see stars. Fuhhh romantic nyer~~

Nice car for a long journey equals to satisfaction. LOL!

Will update on my 3rd day trip in Bintulu and also about Nicole's one day trip to Melaka.
Till then. Toodles :)

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