Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beyond my control

Sorry for not updating my blog for the past 9 days.
Had been busy with my work and stuffs.

5 weeks gone. All that left is just another 7 weeks more and we will be back to our University life.
Which is gonna be even stressful with all the crazily tough subjects :(
I'm not sure whether I'm fully prepared to face final year subjects. 


I'm sorry for not being myself.
I need time to be back on track.
I don't blame anyone but myself.
It's just that this is unpredictable or at least that's what I think.


For the past 9 days, my life was like a roller-coaster. There's ups and downs. Happy and despair moments. In a way I do had fun as well. A great experience as well :)
I hope that after going through all these, I'll get stronger.

Love is like a drug. Addictive yet destructive.
Quoted from a friend of mine. You know who you are ;)


Last weekend, we went to Seoul Garden.
I seriously love the food there.
Since it was weekend dinner, the price was also quite expensive than normal days.

After dinner, went for some shopping :D
Bought a new dress and also a cardigan :)


I can't really remembered what happened the whole week (rather trying not to remember what had happened)
So let's just skip that then :D


Went to watch HOP and the little bunny is super cute like mad!
I want the bunny :(
Owh and the evil chicky.
hahaha so freaking cute with the mexican accent and the evil looking eyes. I really love that chick.

A must watch cartoon :D

Had Kaizer for dinner that night.
Urrrmm.. not that tasty.
But still acceptable.


Went for a shopping spree yesterday to release my stress and tension.
Haven't get my pay yet but still it's a must to spend money.
Hopefully I'll receive them by next week. Oh pretty pweeaaseee *big watery eyes*

Gosh! This chicken and cheese pratha seriously damn delicious! I should have try them long long time ago. 
The price is quite affordable. RM3.90 each only :)

Watched this movie yesterday.
To me the movie was so-so la. However according to Mark the movie not nice.

After movie, I shop till I almost drop. It felt really nice to shop. Bought a new handbag and also a new mini jumpsuit :D
The mini jumpsuit seriously damn cute.

Went to Jonker for dinner. Had mee soup, siham and lala. Yummy!

Wanted to go Raffles or Taragon for dinner but then it's not worth spending over RM20 just for a meal there. Plus I'm half broke. So instead of having something fancy, why not eating by the hawker right? A change of atmosphere. lol

There goes my first month pay which is still not being paid yet. I've spend it even before getting my pay. wtf!
Girls will always be girls. Sexy and cute at the same time. hah. okay irrelevant ;)

A very nice view from Hatten Square's parking lot. Took this when I was about to leave to Jonker. Damn nice right. Gosh. 

If anyone proposes me with a 10 carat diamond ring at that very moment, without hesitation I'll say I DO.

hahahahaha :P

But make sure it's a real diamond la or else you kena bitch slap from me right after that. hehehehe.

Till then ;)

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