Friday, April 29, 2011

Food and more food :)

I've been eating unhealthy food since last thursday up to now O.O
No wonder I've gained weight during this semester. Darn!

Went to Pizza hut for dinner last Thursday :D
It's been quite some time since I last visited there. Teeheee


Went to Sushi King for lunch last Friday and during night I had by far the best curry lala every by Jonker. It's located at a hidden place cause not many people knew about the existence. Even me myself didn't know about it. So called melaka girl. tsk tsk.

Quite expensive la the food. Ordered some kerang, lala and chut chut (wtf i dunno wats it called but its the thing where u need to suck it out in order to eat lol) and it cost RM35 excluded the drinks. Gosh!
But seriously the lala damn nice T________________________T


I saw this very cool gadget and I wanna share it in my humble blog :P

Yeap a toy car :)
Which is actually a mobile phone :D

Seriously! It's a mobile phone. You can sms and make calls with it. No kidding man. Super cool right.
At first I thought it was just an ordinary toy car where you can get from the shopping malls or worst still from Petronas lol.

But heck no. It's a phone where you can only find it in CHINA. hahahahaha
Ferrari brand ler. Don't play play.

Anyway last Saturday, Nicole came down Melaka with her Subang friends. We were supposed to meet up at 7pm in Jonker. In the afternoon I went to Sushi King again for lunch with Mark. Sadly Mark was not feeling well, hence he couldn't join us that night.

So I went to jonker at 6pm+ and reached there about 7pm. Like usual la, the 'Princess' a.k.a Nicole, reached there at 8pm -________________________-

Made me wait all by myself there. Pfffttttt!!!!!
Kwang Hawe also joined us that night :)
The very first time hanging out with him in a group. haha

The girl in the middle is a pure Korean. hahahahahahahaah! Her skin and complexion seriously damn nice T____________T and I envy her. sob

Then something happened wei. There were a group of 'Mat Salleh' and one of them was super hot and good looking. He was drunk and he was half naked and omg his body fuhhh.... sexy!

So Nicole was pointing at him to us (girls) then we were staring at them, and one of them noticed that. FML!
Then he grabbed us to join them. OH MY GOD!!!!! hahahahahahahaa and they asked us to dance with them. LOL!

I didn't manage to capture that hot dude's picture but we managed to camwhore with the one who pulled us into their group.

This guy is from Denmark and he asked Nicole and I a question which sounded like this:

Him: Do you know Denmark?
Us: Yeah.
Him: So tell me where is Denmark?
Us: *staring at each other laughing* errrrrrrr no idea. LOL!
Hawe: In Europe
Him: I know it's in Europe. It's just like saying China in South East. Tell me more specifically.
Hawe: Copenhagen
Him: *looks super impressed* and he asked hawe for a fist handshake. wtf lol.

The advantage for being a drinker. *pointing to hawe*
For your info, Copenhagen was written on every Carlsberg bottle. hahahaha

He forced hawe to do this pose. lol damn cute la this Denmark guy. Oh shit. We forgot to even ask his name.
Anyway his drunk friend kept speaking korean to us. When we bumped into each other again for the second time, the cute dude shouted at us in Korean. hahaha memalukan betul wei cause everyone in Jonker were staring at us. hahaha!!!

That night Jonker was super packed.

After Jonker the 3 of us headed to Riverbank for dinner o.o
It was about 9pm+ and I haven't had my dinner yet. Thanks to the PRINCESS!


-enjoying the beer-

Overall I had a great night :)
Miss you princess. Though I admit the waiting part kinda pissed me off la :P

But oh well. That's your trademark what. The slowpoke princess with 1001 excuses.


Went to Kenny Rogers on Sunday evening with Mark for dinner.


Monday is the day where I tried to diet.


Tuesday went up to KL and Ipoh. Crazy busy day.
Had Coffee Bean in Ipoh :P

inside joke:-

"Ehh we tried Ipoh's coffee bean before ler and it taste nicer cause the water in Ipoh is better. That's why many Ipoh girls have nice skin. It's because of the water"

That's what they said la. The water there is better. Don't know true or not la. Plus they said Ipoh girls all lenglui one. How come I go there, I don't see any also? Ish. Tipu punya :P (trying to live in denial)


Wednesday I repented. No money liao T_______________T
Need to be cheapo. Have to look after my health.


Thursday (Yesterday) went to McD for lunch just to collect the sexy glass collection :)

The glass damn cun can!

I've decided to collect the whole 6 glass. Means I'll have to eat extra large set of McD every week T________________________T
Fat can die! Haiz :(

Or is there anyone kind enough to give me the glass? :D

At night, my initial plan was to dine in Seafarer. However the sky was super dark and it looks like as if it's going to rain. So I decided to have my dinner with Mark in Sibaraku buffet ;)

They changed most of their menu already. Not bad la. Quite nice :)
I love the bacon omelette. Super delicious *yummy*

AND as for today I went to Hailam Kopitiam and I had a chicken rice that cost me RM7.50 per plate where they served me meatless chicken. All bones one -_________-.
4 tiny pieces of chicken which is purely made from bones. Damn it. I hate it when I don't get what I paid for. It's not worth paying that amount. Winson chicken rice only rm3+ and even more delicious. DIU!

I shall start staying at home and eat home cook food in order to save money.
I'm broke like mad.

I don't know how but amazingly I've spend about 1.7k this month O_____________O
It's not like I bought any gadgets. Basically spend on food, some small shopping and groceries and also petrol.
Okay FML to the max.

Oh yea, Padini is having a 50% sales right now.
I need to stay away from shopping madness T________________T

ps: Thanks amirul for you cheapskate gift. There's no need to remind me about the LRT incident -____-

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