Thursday, May 5, 2011

Orgasm .________.

2 weeks more to go before I'm officially done with my legal attachment
*hip hip hoooray*

Last Saturday, I went to watch THOR and zomg it was freaking nice. Chris Hemsworth is just so hot. Orgasm max just by looking at his sexy body. Uh-la-la~

OMG!!!!!! Look at that T___________________________________T
This is what I call hot dude :P
Big manly boobs. hahahaha

After movie, went to Old town for a drink.

Then we walked all the way from Old Town to Jetty for POOL.
Laowei.... really tiring okay. I suggested to walk because it was super jam if we wanna use the car.
So the smart me decided to walk instead. Thanks to my brilliant idea, my heels broke -________-
FML to the max.

Sunday was a crazy jam day (I presumed since it was Labour Day)
So I decided to stay inside my comfortable room the whole day while surfing the net.
Ahhhh I miss the feeling of doing nothing and rot until I die.

As for Monday afternoon, went to meet with my slave :)
He just got back from KL and I know he misses me so much. LOL!
Hence the date ;)

We went to new Jusco and it was fukin jam -_______________-
Took us about 20minutes just to get a parking. That stupid Mark pula don't want to park far far. Die die also want to find parking nearby. Then make few rounds until I pek cek. Slap him die. Orang dah la tengah lapar hampir separuh mati. Ada ke patut pergi bazir masa lagi. Mentang-mentang he taken his lunch d. Sial. hahahaha

Everywhere was full except for Stone Grill. hahaha
So we went there for lunch :D

I had lamb chop. Yummy :D

See la... he was the one who had taken his lunch already but yet he was the one that ordered the biggest meal -___________-
smack you!

Mark was trying to help me to cut the lamb into pieces but ended up he dropped it on the floor O___O
So not macho at all.

After that accompanied him for some shopping :)

I forced him to try this shirt. He hates it.
Unfortunately he never bought it.
Okay the shirt looks like an old man by the way.

Now I really know how it feels like to wait for your girlfriend while she's busy shopping and you got nothing better else to do but to stand outside and waited for her and gave your comment on the clothes. That was how I felt that day. Since he was the one doing the shopping, I was the one standing outside playing the 'boyfriend role'

The feeling sucks T_________________________T
Plus I don't get to shop a single thing.
I'm sad :(

While waiting. Of course need to camwhore to kill my time. DUH!


Since today is Thursday, it means McD Day.

I smell FAT

I got 2 can glass :D
I forced Jason to order the large set and hand the glass over to me.
Yes I'm greedy just like that.

Purple is love <3

My advisor is going to visit me tomorrow.
God Bless.
He's inviting David and I for lunch. hahahahaha

Till then. Toodles ;)

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